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Corporal Montuoro is a member of the Utrom military who was preserved in stasis on Burnow Island. He is often seen in the company of his superior, Lieutenant Kleve, with whom he seems to always agree.

He was one of the first Utroms to be awakened after Professor Honeycutt removed them from their stasis tubes, and was present when the corpse of Councilor Lorqa was found. When Kleve expressed outrage that Colonel Ch'rell had been judged as a war criminal by Professor Honeycutt, Montuoro echoed his sentiments out of soldierly loyalty. Along with the other Utroms, he remained on Burnow Island.

When Krang was later sentenced for war crimes, Kleve and Montuoro were sent to fetch him to Burnow Island. However, Krang was killed by Leatherhead before they could fulfill their mission. He seemed unsure of Kleve's long-term plans upon returning to Burnow Island, but agreed wholeheartedly to the plans to revive Ch'rell.

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