Monsters and Mutants (also known as Monsters vs. Mutants or Monsters + Mutants) is the title of the release and collection of 4 Halloween-themed episodes from the fifth and final season of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012 TV series), titled "Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles". Announced in mid-June of 2017[1], this 4-episode Story Arc originally aired from September 27th, until October 11, 2017 on Nicktoons and iTunes USA, during the 5th anniversary of when the TV show originally aired in late September of 2012.[2]

This four-episode story arc was so popular during its release, that it even spawned popular toy figures, artwork, books and cosplays at the 2017 New York Comic Con.[3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13]

In this fun and exciting, but terrifying 4-episode story arc, the Turtles' plans to enjoy Halloween are put on hold when they discover that an unholy epidemic is spreading throughout Big Apple, causing the citizens of Manhattan to turn into strange scary monsters, vampires and zombies, which are infesting the city into a monster-filled dysotopia. After April and Casey are turned into vampires, the Turtles escape to the safety of a rooftop and are met by Renet, a time travelling sorceress. They learn that the evil demon and time-travelling villain Savanti Romero is has returned with a vengeful scheme to unleash the world's most famous monsters (iconic Universal monsters such as the Mummy, Dracula, the Werewolf, and Dr. Frankenstein) upon New York City, turning it into a monster-filled dystopian zombie city. The Turtles gear up with new monster-hunting weapons (along with their traditional signature weapons) and embark on this dangerous mission in a desperate race against time to save thousands of lives and find a cure for their city, the human society, and themselves, travelling through Ancient Egypt, Transylvania, during the age of Dracula and 1818 Germany, with Frankenstein. But when one of their own (Raph) gets bitten and transformed into an evil, bloodthirsty vampire halfway through the story, it won't be easy.[14]


The Curse of Savanti Romero (Part 1 of 4)

The Turtles' plans to enjoy Halloween are put on hold when they discover that strange monsters, vampires and zombies are transforming the city of Manhattan into a monster-filled dysotopia. When Renet (Mikey's crush from the future) returns, the Turtles must help her stop Savanti Romero from unleashing an undead army on modern-day New York by traveling back in time to Ancient Egypt. Nonetheless, Savanti bests them by releasing and recuriting an evil and dangerously powerful mummy pharoh from its tomb.

The Crypt of Dracula (Part 2 of 4)

The turtles and Renet travel back in time to Transylvania in the year 1300 to prevent Savanti Romero from creating his army of the undead by releasing Dracula from his tomb. Unfortunately, Count Dracula is awakened, turns Vulko into a warewolf and bites Raphael, who turns into into an evil vampire.

The Frankenstein Experiment (Part 3 of 4).

Savanti Romero succeeds in releasing and forming an alliance with Dracula, who later bites Raph and turns him into a vampiric turtle mutant. With April and Casey still in the present with Karai (who have all turned into evil vampires), fighting a horde of horror-type creatures, the three turtles and Renet turn to a young Dr. Victor Frankentstein & Igor for help. Savanti recruits Frankenstein's Monster and will soon unleash his creatures on the 21st Century.

Monsters Among Us! (Finale)

With Donatello and Igor helping Dr. Victor Frankenstein with his experiment, and the rest of the team dealing with zombies and new vampires in New York City, Leonardo leads Michelangelo and Renet on a dangerous hunt to break Raphael free from Count Dracula's thrall and cure him before they return home to their time, and the city gets overrun by an unholy epidemic when Renet and the Turtles return to present-day New York City, only to find that the post-apocalyptic city is turned into a dysotopia run by even more monsters, vampires and zombies than before, they realize that their previous failures to defeat Savanti when they had the chance may have made the situation even worse. As Raph (who is still a vampire) taunts the team with more put-downs and threats and gloats over his victory, things become complicated when the Turtles' lair is discovered and Donnie gets bitten, also turned into a vampire.


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