Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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[Once upon a time...]


[They fought the dogs and killed the cats.]

[And bit the babies in the cradles.]

[And ate the cheeses out of the vats.]

[And licked the soup from the cooks' own ladles.]

[Split open the kegs of salted sprats.]

[Made nests inside men's Sunday hats.]

[And even spoiled the women's chats.]

[With shrieking and squeaking...]

[In fifty different sharps and flats.]

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"It is decided, then..."

Splinter "...We strike first against the Foot with all available resources at our disposal."

Splinter "Will be our next priority. But Saki's destruction must come first."

Splinter "Do you not agree?"

Leo "Honestly, yes and no, Father. I'm with you that Shredder's gotta go, but it's just not gonna be easy for us—or quick—to make happen."

Leo "I mean, Donnie's right... Krang won't wait for us to finish with the Foot before he activates the Technodrome."

Splinter "So, you do not agree with my plan?"

Leo "I'm... I'm just not sure, that's all."

Splinter "Come, Leonardo—I would like to stretch my sore muscles."

Leo "Sure, Father. Where do you wanna go?"

Splinter "Let's further explore our home together..."

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"...As we further explore your doubts."

John O'Neil "I guess we're going to have to try to go through a window, then. Let's just hope no police show up."



Elizabeth O'Neil "Fine. Who's going to do it? You or..."

Casey Jones "Rargh!"

Beth "...Me?"

John "Casey?"

Casey "Mr. and Mrs. O'Neil?"

Casey "What... What are you doing here?"

Beth "Didn't April tell you?"

John "We're moving in."

Page 4

Casey "Yeah, she, uh... She mighta mentioned somethin' like that."

Casey "Why're you goin' through the window, though?"

Beth "Oh... We didn't realize April had changed the locks and instead of bothering her, we were, um, trying to figure out another way to get inside."

Casey "Actually, changing the locks was my idea. I know this 'hood too well."

Casey "And you don't gotta break in. We keep a spare hidden, just in case."

Beth "My God, Casey... What happened to your poor face?"

Casey "Oh, uh... Just a little disagreement with my dad. It's nothin'."

Beth "That is not nothing. Why on Earth would he do this to you?"

Casey "Long story. Please... Just don't tell April, okay?"

Casey "She's already worryin' 'bout me as it is."

Beth "I can see why. C'mon... We'll keep April out of this for now, but we really need to get you some ice."

Casey "No, really... That's okay. I'm fine. I should just get goin'."

Beth "And where to, exactly?"

Casey "I..."

Casey "...I don't know."

Beth "Well, I do. You're coming inside with us. We'll get those injuries taken care of and you can tell us what the heck's going on with you."

Casey "Like I said—long story."

John "That's okay, son. We're in no rush to get rid of you."

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Leo "It seems we remain at an impasse, my son."

Splinter "Well, we aren't exactly seeing eye-to-eye strategically, Sensei, that's for sure."

Leo "Father, can I... Can I speak to you about Mother?"

Splinter "Of course, my son."

Leo "I... I keep going back to how she appeared to me and helped me break away from Shredder's control."

Leo "Sometimes I feel like she's actually watching over us."

Leo "Even if that means I'm completely nuts."

Splinter "That does not make you crazy. Your precious mother came to me in dreams as well."

Leo "Really?"

Page 6

Splinter "Yes. Witnessing the emotional torture you'd suffered in Shredder's captivity... It caused me great distress."

Splinter "Then your mother appeared in my dreams, reminding me that you had returned to us safely and that love would find a way to see us through whatever hardships followed."

Leo "Then... Don't you think it would bother her that we're going after Shredder the way we are?"

Leo "I mean, after you promised her not to get revenge against him?"

Splinter "Ah, yes... That."

Splinter "It is true—I made your mother such a promise once. But that was a lifetime ago, my son. A lifetime ruthlessly destroyed by Oroku Saki's cruelty..."

Splinter "...And by my inability to act."

Splinter "Come on—you can't blame yourself for that, Father."

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Splinter "My son, at its core, my promise to your mother was to protect you, our beloved children, and I intend to do so by all means necessary."

Splinter "I do not seek vengeance, Leonardo—I wish only to fulfill my commitment to her... And to you."

Splinter "To watch over my family and keep them safe."

Splinter "I will find a way to put Oroku Saki's darkness behind us."


Splinter "My son?"

Splinter "My son, I... I cannot move... Are you there?"

Splinter "Leonardo?!"

Rat King "You waste your breath, rat. Your child will not answer."

Splinter "Who... Who is speaking?"

Rat King "I have gone by many names. So many, I've forgotten them all."

Rat King "But you..."

Page 8

Rat King "...You may call me the Rat King."

Rat King "Welcome to my home."

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Rat King "What remarkable creatures you are. Animals, and yet... Something more."

Rat King "I've never seen anything quite like you. And I have seen much in my time, believe me."

Rat King "Remarkable indeed."

Splinter "What devilry is this? Where are we?"

Rat King "Ah, yes, you have questions. That is to be expected."

Rat King "I shall endeavor to provide answers."

Rat King "Firstly, like your much smaller brethren surrounding us, you are now in my care."

Rat King "In my thrall, one might say..."


Rat King "...But I am more civilized than that."

Page 10

Rat King "As such, you will both be unable to move for the moment. Your rapt attention is of the utmost importance."

Rat King "We have so much to learn about each other, after all."

Rat King "And whenever elders such as we are engaged in important conversation, it is best for children to be seen and not heard."

Rat King "Perhaps a bit old-fashioned on my part, I realize, but there you are."

Rat King "Fear not, however—his silence is no more permanent than your paralysis."

Rat King "My sister's handiwork is another matter, however."

Rat King "This child reeks of it."

Rat King "In answer to your second query, I have already told you—we are in my home, such as it is. A bit quaint to be honest but cozy nonetheless... If you'll allow me the small boast."

Rat King "It is what the Celts call a thin place. A between world."

Rat King "Neither here nor there."

Page 11

Rat King "There are other thin places—but for now, this is mine."

Splinter "Why have you brought us here?"

Rat King "Why, indeed."

Rat King "For that answer, a history lesson is in order."

Rat King "Ancient history."

Page 12

"I come from a distant past, when mortal mankind was in its infancy and my family—mighty beings all—competed to rule the world."

"A world, sadly, lost to memory."

"I, like my brethren, continued on, however, remaining hidden amongst a newly thriving mankind and using our powers sparingly."

"In my case, sometimes to reward."

"Sometimes to punish."

Page 13

"But always in anticipation of the great game to come."

"When my family and I would again compete for the throne of the world."

"A world once more ready for the extraordinary..."

Page 14

Rat King "...As in the days of Noe."

Splinter "What has this to do with us?"

Rat King "Oh, nothing. Everything. That will be for those like me—your masters—to decide in time."

Rat King "The world is our chessboard, and every chessboard requires pawns. Pawns that can be saved or sacrificed."

Rat King "Sometimes that depends upon the whims of the player—other times, the strength of the move in play."

Rat King "And tonight, my pawn, it is my whim to find out just how strong you are."

Rat King "I think we've kept our children out of the conversation long enough, don't you?"

Rat King " "The mayor was dumb, and the council stood..." "

Splinter "What...?"

Page 15

Rat King " "...As if they were changed into blocks of wood." "

Splinter "No..."

Rat King " "Unable to move ot step or cry..." "

Splinter "My son..."

Rat King " "...To the children merrily skipping by..." "

Splinter "Leonardo..."

Rat King " "...Could only follow with the eye." "

Splinter "Noooo!"

Rat King "Oh... Yes."

Rat King " "A wondrous portal opened wide..." "

Rat King " "...As if a cavern was suddenly hollowed." "

Page 16 & 17

Splinter "Leonardo? I am free... I am able to move again."

Splinter "Do you hear me?"

Splinter "Please answer me..."

Rat King " "And the piper advanced..." "

Splinter "...My son?"

Rat King " "...And the children followed." "

Splinter "What have you done to him?"

Rat King " "But as for the guilders, what we spoke... Of them, as you know very well know, was in joke." "

Splinter "Guilders? What riddle is this, demon?"

Rat King "I only speak of failed promises, sir..."

Rat King "...Of your constant failure to protect your children."

Leo (vision) "He's right, you know. You've failed us over and over again. Talk, talk, talk... That's all you do. All you're good for."

Leo (v) "Nothing but empty words and false promises."

Leo (v) "Well, I'm sick and tired of it."

Splinter "No, Leonardo, listen to me, I—"

Leo (v) "Stop. You may be afraid to defend yourself, but I'm not."

Splinter "I am not your enemy, my son."

Rat King "Ah, denial. You hide from the truth, rat, even though it stands directly in front of you."

Rat King "Such is the way of failed fathers, I fear... Until it is too late."

Rat King " "They saw 'twas a lost endeavor, and piper and dancers were gone for ever." "

Splinter "Enough of your inane poetry, monster!"

Splinter "It is not too late! It can't be!"


Leo (v) "No, Father..."

Leo (v) "...It is!"

Rat King " "Poke out the nests and block up the holes!" "

Rat King " "Consult with carpenters and builders, and leave in our town not even a trace... Of the rats!" "

Leo (v) "You've brought this on yourself, Father. You know that."

Splinter "I... Yes, I know."

Splinter "My failure to destroy Oroku Saki is to blame for all that has passed and for all that is to come."

Splinter "But, I will act now, I promise... I will destroy all our enemies before they destroy us."

Leo (v) "Who says they haven't already? The damage done to me can never be undone."

Splinter "Please, my son... I am so sorry."

Rat King "Hmm... Though I find your guilty melodrama grating—"

Rat King "I admire your single-minded desire to protect your children, rat."

Rat King "A very useful trait indeed."

Rat King "And so—the father's move is finished..."

Page 18 & 19

"...Time for the son's turn."

Leo "Father?"

Leo "Father... The rats. I think they're..."

Leo "...Gone."

Rat King "Not all, lad..."

Rat King "...Not all."

Leo "This isn't happening again."

Rat King "Oh, but it is, child. The truth made plain..."

Rat King "...The real monster revealed."

Splinter (vision) "Mewling brat. Always so weak..."

Splinter (v) "...Always so afraid."

Leo "No—stop. I won't let you any closer."

Rat King " "Oh for a trap, a trap, a trap!" "

Leo "Whatever you are, I know you're not my father. I will defend myself."

Splinter (v) "Prove it."

Splinter (v) "Graah!"


Splinter (v) "Ungrateful whelp, you would wound me? Your own father?"

Leo "That was just a warning. And quit pretending to be my father—it won't work."

Rat King "But he stands before you, child... Your father as he truly is—a monster!"

Leo "No... My father's a good man. Do you seriously think I don't know what's going on?"

" "My sister's handiwork... This child reeks of it." "

Leo "I know what you are—what you're trying to do to me. To us."

Rat King "Do you, child?"

Leo "Yeah, I do. You think you can mess with my head, but you're wrong."

Leo "Because this time I know exactly who the real enemy is."

Leo "Rahh!"

Rat King " "He's forced to let the piping drop..." "

Rat King " "...And we shall see our children stop." "

Rat King "Fascinating. My sister exploited your doubts. Now that doubt is gone, not to be used against you again."

Rat King "You've turned that weakness..."

Rat King "...Into strength."

Page 20

Leo "Father?"

Splinter "I am here with you, my son..."

Splinter "...And we are home, it seems."

Leo "How the—? Where did he go?"

Leo "Where's the Rat King?"

Splinter "I do not know."

Leo "Father, your arm! But I thought—"

Splinter "My arm is fine, Leonardo."

Splinter "Just as I am now that I see you are returned to normal."

Leo "He was trying to brainwash me, Father... The Rat King. Just like Kitsune did."

Splinter "But he did not."

Rat King "Indeed."

Rat King "You are like no other creatures I have encountered. A rat who is a man and father. And a turtle who is a child become a man—more knight than pawn."

Rat King "The game for the world has just begun, and my opponents have already made their first moves. Rest assured, however, my turn will come, and when it does..."

Rat King "...Perhaps I will lead with my knight."

Rat King "In a moment, you will not remember me, but know this..."

Rat King "...I will not forget you."

Page 21

Leo "So, uh... Father... You were saying?"

Splinter "Um... Yes, about the promise I made to your mother—"

Leo "Father! What happened to your arm?"

Splinter "I... I do not know."

Splinter "Are you okay? Maybe you should sit down."

Splinter "Please, I am able to stand, my son. I feel no weakness."

"And now that you've turned weakness into strength..."

Leo "That's it."

Splinter "My son?"

Leo "Father, I know now..."

Page 22

"...I know how to beat Shredder."




Krang "The Shredder, I presume?"

Shredder "Indeed..."

Shredder "...General Krang."

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