Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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Matty "C'mon... C'mon... What's takin' so freakin' long?"


Matty "What the—?!"


Sweeney "Fire up the wheels, Matty!"

Matty "What's all the damn shootin' about, Sweeney?!"

Sweeney "Idiot rent-a-cop caught the hero bug..."

"...So Chaz cured 'im, but good."

Security Guard "Minimum wage is... Erf... Definitely not worth this crap."

Matty "Home free, boys! Home free!"

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Matty "Holy—!"


Chaz "Oh, man... What happened?"

Sweeney "Dunno—but the car's toast and Matty's out cold."

Sweeney "Grab the dough and hustle up. 'Fore the cops get here."

Chaz "What about Matty?"

Sweeney "Forget 'im. Guy shoulda drove better."


Sweeney "My nose! Whoo the hell?!"

Chaz "Sweeney, there ain't nobody h—"


Chaz "Gah!"


Sweeney "You're dead, whoever you are!"



Chaz "Oh, man... This is craz—"


Matty "He—where'd everyone go?"


"Nice work, guys..."

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Leonardo "...They should stay in la-la land until the police get here."

Donatello "Man, we were on patrol, what... Ten minutes before we heard gunfire?"

Raphael "Home sweet home."

Michelangelo " 'Least we stopped those dudes. Like real masked crime fighters!"

Donnie "This isn't really about crime fighting, Mikey."

Leo "Donnie's right. This is about honing your skills—quick strikes, silence, discipline..."

Leo "We're rusty, and we need to be in top form before we face the Foot again."

Raph "Yeah—we're warming up for the main event."

Leo "If we stop a crime or two in the process, fine. But that's not our focus, little bro. Remember, we're not superheroes and this isn't your comics..."

Leo "...This is dead serious."

Mikey "I know that, Leo—I'm not dumb, I was just sayin' it was cool, is all."

Leo "Well, cool or not, we've all got other things to do tonight."

Leo "We still have surprise on our side, so let's get as much done as we can before Shredder figures out we're back."

Leo "I know we're all tired, but rest is just gonna have to wait..."

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"...Because I promise you our enemies aren't resting."

"Yeah, we caught 'em snoozin', all right."

"So I had ol' Rocksteady wake their butts up."

"Then Bebop yanked their lazy hides outta bed."

"Those two guys were havin' a blast with their new playmates, tell you what."

"''Course, as always, my Dragons had to clean up their mess."

"But, hey, that's the price of doin' business, ain't it?"

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Hun "Or, maybe I should say "big business"? Our job alone scored a cool half-mil, give or take a few hundred bucks."

Hun "It's all there if you wanna count it."

Shredder "That will not be necessary, Hun—you have already proven your word is trustworthy."

Shredder "I will be leaving the city soon to attend to far greater business. Karai will maintain full control over all Foot operations while I am away."

Shredder "Until you are told otherwise, her commands are my commands."

Shredder "Now, leave, all of you. I would speak to Hun alone."

Hun "You know the Purple Dragons got your back no matter what, Master Shredder. We'll hold down the fort while yer away."

Shredder "Yes, Hun, I know you will. You have successfully completed every mission. Not everyone can say that. Today's sizable tribute is yet another example of your worthiness."

Shredder "Which is precisely why I asked you to remain here with me. The time has come for you and I to speak at length..."

Shredder "...About your son."

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Casey Jones "...I'm outta here."

April O'Neil "Wait—you're leaving? Where to?"

Casey "The Skara Brae. I wanna check in on Angel and find out how that whole situation with the Purple Dragons is goin'."

April "Okay, but... Can we talk soon, Casey? Now that we're back home, we've got to start thinking about what's next."

Casey "Next?"

April "You know—with school, jobs... Money. Everything's changed since we were here last."

Casey "I guess."

April "It's just, having a new plan for staying in school is pretty important."

April "I can help, if you want. It's not the kind of thing you want to put off for later."

Casey "I'm not putting it off, April, it's just... I..."

Casey "...Look, Angel's expectin' me, so I gotta get goin'. We can talk about this when I get back."

April "Promise?"

Casey "Promise."

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Leo "Hey, Casey."

Casey "Oh, uh... Hey, Leo. Don."

Casey "See ya later."

Leo "Man, he was in a hurry."

April "Yeah... He was."

April "Um, Leo... Master Splinter asked me to send you downstairs when you got here. I think he'd down there meditating or something."

Leo "Thanks."

Donnie "April... What's wrong?"

April "Nothing's wrong. Why?"

Donnie "Well, not that it's my business, but you seem kinda stressed. You and Casey okay?"

April "No... Not exactly."

April "It's... It's kinda complicated."

Donnie "How so?"

April "Ever since we got back to New York, Casey's been—I don't know—moody and distant. Like... Like he's not really happy to be home."

Donnie "You think maybe it's because of the whole Hun situation? That's gotta be hard to deal with."

April "Yeah, I'm sure that's a big part of it—how could it not be?"

April "But that's not everything that's going on."

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April "I've been trying to talk to him about going back to school and he keeps avoiding the subject like the plague."

Donnie "Wait—I thought he lost his hockey scholarship."

April "He did—thanks to Shredder hurting him... But, there's still financial aid and other stuff he can use to pay for it. It'd be hard but not impossible."

April "Thing is, I love school, Donnie. Lucky thing they were willing to overlook all those days I missed, 'cause being in class is the closest thing to normalcy I have in my life right now."

April "I don't expect Casey to be as excited as I am, but... I'm starting to realize he was only going to school so he could play hockey and not vice-versa. And now I don't think he wants to go back."

April "I just want what's best for him, you know?"

Donnie "Yeah, I do. It's hard when you know there's bad things coming but you can't get anyone to pay attention like they should."

April "Like the Technodrome?"

Donnie "Yeah. Exactly."

April "So... What's your plan?"

Donnie "Well, Professor Honeycutt sent us those schematics for a functional teleporter.*"

Donnie "That's a game changer for dealing with Krang, so obviously I've gotta build it. But I'm gonna need some help—from everyone."

Donnie "It doesn't seem like anyone wants to focus on it right now, but... I know I'll get through to them eventually."

Donnie "Just like you'll get through to Casey, April. He'll make the right choices, you'll see."

April "I hope so, Donnie. He can do amazing things if he chooses to..."

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Skara Brae

"...And if he doesn't let his old life drag him back down."

Brooklyn S. Bridge "Well, look what the cat dragged in."

Brooklyn "Long time no see, Arnie."

Hun "Gimme a club soda neat."

Fight'n Ferguson "Well, Jones, I heard ye got yerself all cleaned up and back in fightin' shape, but I had me doubts until now."

Kid Kennedy "Oi, Arnie, it's us—Kid Kennedy and Fight'n Ferguson! Remember?"

Hun "I know who you are, Kid, and it's not "Arnie" anymore."

Hun "It's Hun. Only Hun."

Fergie "C'mon, boyo. What say we finish our pints at one o' Brooklyn's tables instead, eh? The bar's gettin' a wee bit crowded for my tastes."

Kid "But, Fergie, I wanna talk to Ar—"

Fergie "Now, lad."

Brooklyn "Here you go—one club soda, neat. On the house."

Hun "Thanks, Brooklyn. Yer a real pal."

Brooklyn "Cut the bull, Hun. Why're you here?"

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Hun "Heh, you always did cut to the case, didn't ya, B?"

Hun "Since you asked, I'll tell ya—I'm lookin' for my boy and that girl of yours."

Brooklyn "Yeah? Well, I ain't seen Casey since before he went into the hospital..."

Brooklyn "...And Angel ain't been here all day."

Brooklyn " 'Sides, what you want Angel for? She ain't in the Dragons no more, thanks to you."

Brooklyn "Where are the rest of those traitors, anyways?"

Hun "No Purple Dragons today. Just me."

Hun "This is personal."

Brooklyn "Yer damn right it's personal!"

Brooklyn "Whatever beef you got with Casey and those freak muties, you leave my Angel the hell outta it, Jones. She's got nothin' to do with you or yer stinkin' little gang no more."

Hun "Your gang, too, Brooklyn. Remember?"

Brooklyn "Yeah, it was, once."

Brooklyn "But I'm washin' my hands of 'em, and I'm washin' my hands of you, too."

Brooklyn "Now get the hell outta my bar 'fore I call the cops and have 'em toss you out."

Hun "Heh. Cops. Right."

Hun "I'll be seein' you round, Brooklyn. Tell your brat I said hi."

Brooklyn "You know, I seen you in some low places more times than I can count, Jones..."

Brooklyn "...But I never thought I'd see the day you'd be workin' for the same lowlife who gutted your own boy."

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Hun (flashback) "You stabbed Casey?"

Shredder (fb) "Indeed."

Shredder (fb) "Understand, however, that my actions were never of a personal nature. He fell so other critical elements of my plan would be forced to rise."

Shredder (fb) "My intent was never to kill the boy. Had it been..."

Shredder (fb) "...Then this conversation would not be necessary."

Hun (fb) "But... He... He's my family. And you... You used him like bait."

Shredder (fb) "Yes, and I intended to use you as well... And to discard you once you'd served your purpose."

Shredder (fb) "But you have consistently proven your worth to me. That is why I honor you with the truth—and an opportunity."

Shredder (fb) "Family is of utmost importance to me. The Foot Clan is my family."

Shredder (fb) "And it can be yours, too, Hun. But, so long as your son aligns himself with Hamato Yoshi and his brood, he remains an enemy marked for death by the Foot... And by you."

Shredder (fb) "However, should you convince him to deny Yoshi and, like you, prove his value, then he, too, will be welcomed into our family."

Shredder (fb) "If you cannot do this..."

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"...Know that your son has little time left."

Hun "You bastard, Brooklyn..."


Hun "...You think yer so smart, dontcha?!"

Hun "Just like that mouthy brat o' yours."

Brooklyn "Hun... Erk... Wha—glg—hell... Doin'?"

Fergie "Hun, lad, what's got into yer head, boyo?!"

Kid "Yeah, Arnie—why're ye bein' so mean to Brooklyn? He's yer good mate?"

Hun "No, he ain't—I got no friends here."

Hun "Now back off, both of ya, or I'll snap this loudmouth's neck like a twig."

Angel Bridge "No, you back off, Hun..."

Angel "...My dad's got nothin' to do with this. It's between me and you."

Hun "Ah, there you are, girl. Slinkin' around like always, I see."

Angel "Whatever, Hun. Just... Just put him down. We don't want no trouble."

Hun "Trouble?"

Page 14


Hun "No trouble at all!"

Kid "Oi! That ain't right!"

Fergie "Kid! No!"

Kid "I won't let ye hurt me mates, Arnie!"

Hun "I already toldya, dummy..."


Hun "...It's Hun!"

Fergie "Kid!"


Fergie "Ye manky bastard!"

Page 15

Hun "And here I thought Kid was the stupid one, Fergie."


Fergie "Mrrp!"

Angel "Dammit, Hun, stop this!"

Angel "Look—just stop. I know I can't make you, so I'm askin'... Please. Enough."

Hun "Heh. Yeah—yer right, girlie."

Hun "Enough's enough. Me and you, we keep doin' this same dance over and over and it's gettin' old. You hit me with those little sticks o' yours and I beat you down right after."

Hun "So, let's make this easy—you spill where Casey's hidin' and I don't hurt anyone else here... Maybe not even you."

Angel "Then I gues it's gonna have to be the hard way 'cause I ain't tellin' you nothin' about Casey. I do that, and you'll just hurt him again."

Angel "You mighta turned your back on him, Hun, but I never will."

Hun "You think yer better'n me, girl? Heh. Yer nothin'. Nobody."

Hun " 'Sides, you got it all wrong. I don't wanna hurt Casey—I just wanna talk to him."

Casey "Well, I'm right here, old man."

Casey "So, why don't you step outside..."

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"...And we'll talk."

Leo "Father? You wanted to see me?"

Splinter "Yes, Leonardo. Please join me."

Splinter "How was your training session tonight, my son?"

Leo "Pretty good, actually. We were able to stop a crime in progress during out patrol. That made Mikey happy."

Splinter "Utilizing stealth and discretion, I hope?"

Leo "Yes, Sensei. They never saw us."

Splinter "And your brothers? Where are they now?"

Leo "I sent Raph and Mikey on the task you set for them, and Donnie's gonna head over to his computer friend's place."

Leo "They're all tired and a little frustrated, but they understand what's at stake with the Foot."

Leo "They'll do what they have to when the time comes."

Splinter "And you, Leonardo—how are you doing, my son?"

Leo "Well, I'm still adjusting... But I'm definitely glad to be back."

Splinter "Good."

Splinter "The time has come for us to consider our next moves."

Splinter "We haven't long before Shredder discovers we have returned..."

Page 17

"...And we have much to discuss."

Casey "Okay, you got me, so talk. Not that you got anything I wanna hear."

Hun "Trust me, you wanna hear this."

Hun "Look, it ain't no big secret that the Dragons are in deep with the Foot now—Shredder runs this town and we gotta stay on his good side."

Hun "But you and them damn mutant friends of yours... You crossed him. That Savate boss found out what happens when you cross the man—"

Hun "—The worst kind a' haircut, that's what."

Hun "But me and Shredder, we got an understandin', okay? And he's willin' to rethink things when it comes to you—told me so himself."

Hun "What he wants, Casey... It's real simple. You quit them mutants and join the Foot—join me—and Shredder forgets all about bein' ticked off at you."

Casey "Join the Foot? How stupid do you think I am?"

Hun "This ain't about bein' stupid or smart, Casey—this is about keepin' your head. Literally."

Hun "You do what Shredder wants, you live. Don't do it, you die—and there ain't nothin' them green freaks can do to stop it from happenin', neither."

Casey "Well, guess I'm dead, then, 'cause there's no way in hell I'm gonna join Shredder's little psycho show... Or yours."

Casey "We're done here."

Hun "Dammit, Casey..."

Hun "...Don't you walk away from me, boy!"

Page 18

Casey "No, Dad."

Casey "You can kill me, but long as I'm alive, you don't get to be that guy with me anymore."

Hun "I... I... Wait... Yer right."

Hun "This ain't what I want. Us fightin' like this."

Hun "Look... I... I know you don't want nothin' to do with me, kid. I don't blame you."

Hun "But I'm better now, son—and clear enough to understand that you joinin' up with me is probably askin' too much. Yer your own man now—I get it."

Hun "But you gotta stop bein' so damn stubborn, Case, or yer gonna get yourself killed, 'cause the Foot ain't gonna forget about you, trust me. You need my help, whether you like it or not."

Hun "I got cash now. All you need. Take it, get outta New York, and don't turn back. I'll tell Shredder yer dead and maybe, just maybe, that'll be enough to save your life."

Hun "And maybe I can finally do right by you."

Casey "But... My friends... College..."

Hun "Won't be worth squat if you stay."

Hun "Listen to your ol' dad, kid. Put it behind you... Those mutants, school. Just forget it all and start over."

Page 19

Casey "But, what about you? The Dragons and the Foot? You gonna put all that thug crap behind you?"

Casey "You... You could start over, too. Maybe... Maybe even come with me?"

Hun "No, kid, that ain't gonna happen."

Hun "You gotta understand, after everything I been through, findin' the Foot's the best thing that coulda happened to me. I'm more important and powerful now than I ever thought I could be, Case. I'm... I'm a real man again."

Hun "No... This is my real start over. Who I'm meant to be."

Hun "Hightailin' it outta town is the best thing for you. Me?"

Hun "I ain't goin' nowhere."

Casey "Hm. Yeah..."

Casey "...Figures."

Casey "Well, then, I guess that makes us even, don't it, 'cause I ain't leavin' either."

Casey "I'm gonna stick around and so whatever it takes to stop you from hurtin' anyone else."

Casey "Before this is done, we'll find out who's the real man, I promise you that."

Casey "But, c'mon, let's be honest here..."

Casey "...What kind of "real man" chooses a scumbag like Shredder over his own son?"

Casey "Be seein' you around... Dad."

Page 20

Angel "How... How'd it go?"

Casey "Not so good. But when does it with that guy, right?"

Angel "Yeah. Sorry, man."

Brooklyn "You should be sorry, girl. Both of you."

Brooklyn "Look at this place! Big ol' junk heap now, thanks to you two! And why? 'Cause you don't know when to butt outta things you got no business bein' mixed up in, that's why!"

Brooklyn "There ain't been nothin' but trouble 'round here ever since you kids got tangled up with those damn mutants."

Brooklyn "And now you got Hun breathin' down everyone's necks and the Foot ready to chop all our heads off."

Brooklyn "Sorry?! Damn straight."

Angel "Are you serious? Me and Casey didn't want this to happen, Dad. None of it!"

Angel "You sound like that jerk Hun—you takin' his side or what?"

Brooklyn "This ain't about takin' sides—this is about protectin' what's mine, includin' you!"

Brooklyn "Yer bitin' off way more than you can chew, Angel!"

Angel "Protectin' what's yours?! I got news for you, Dad... I don't belong to you!"

Casey "I better go after her."

Casey "I... Really am sorry for alla this, Brooklyn."

Brooklyn "Just get out."

Fergie "Ye think maybe ye were a wee bit rough on 'em, Brooklyn?"

Brooklyn "No, Fergie, I don't. With the mess those kids got themselves into..."

Page 21

"...I don't think I was rough enough."

Shredder (fb) "...Know that your son has little time left."

Brooklyn (fb) "...But I never thought I'd see the day you'd be workin' for the same lowlife who gutted your own boy."

Casey (fb) "...What kind of "real man" chooses a scumbag like Shredder over his own son?"

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