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The Turtles have returned to New York City to find a city in Shredder's grip. Out on one of their first nightly patrols, the Turtles happen upon a late-night bank robbery in progress and use their ninja speed and stealth to stop it. Michelangelo comments on how fun it was, and that stopping bank robberies almost makes them like superheroes. Leonardo reminds him that their goal isn't to thwart random crimes, but to hone their skills while they prepare to take down Shredder. Leo acknowledges that they're all tired, but they've got to continue on with their night and accomplish what they set out to do. 

Meanwhile, the Hun reports to the Shredder about another robbery he orchestrated and completed with the aid of Bebop, Rocksteady, and members of the Purple Dragons. Shredder is pleased, and tells the group that he is going away on business soon and Karai will be left in charge. He then dismisses the others to speak to Hun alone. 

Back at the Turtles' hideout, April attempts to talk to Casey about what they're going to do now that they're back in the city. April reminds Casey that they've still got to think about school, work, and money, on top of staying under Shredder and the Hun's radar. Casey is very aloof, and tells April he has to go to the Skara Brae to talk to Angel Bridge about what's been going on with his dad and the Purple Dragons. As Casey leaves, Leo and Donatello arrive. April greets them and tells Leo that Master Splinter is waiting for him. Don senses that April is upset and asks her what's wrong. She tells him that obviously part of the problem is that she knows it will be hard for Casey to confront his father, but that also she can tell that Casey does not want to return to school, and she worries because she just wants the best for him. Don tells her he understands how she feels, because he has been trying to get his brothers and Splinter to pay more attention to the problem of Krang and his Technodrome, and although he is worried about it he knows they will come around eventually. His worries are calmed in part thanks to the schematics for a working teleporter he received in the notebook given to him by Professor Honeycutt, the Fugitoid (see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Utrom Empire issue 3).

At the Skara Brae, Hun arrives to talk to the owner Brooklyn S. Bridge about where Casey and Angel are. As he takes a seat at the bar, his old acquaintances Kid Kennedy and Fight'n Ferguson greet him; Hun tells them not to call him "Arnie" anymore, only Hun. Brooklyn is angered by Hun's questions about his daughter and tells him not to come around anymore; he says he can't believe Hun would stoop so low as to work for the man who injured his own son. Hun thinks back to when Shredder wanted to speak to him alone, about Casey. Shredder had told him that what he did to Casey was solely a tactic, a ploy to get the Turtles out of hiding, and that it was nothing personal. Shredder told Hun that he once considered Hun to be worthless, but his opinion of him had changed and so he told him the truth and allowed him the opportunity to convince Casey to come over to their side. Hun snaps at Brooklyn's remark and picks him up by his neck, prompting Angel to come out from where she was hiding in the back of the bar. Hun throws Brooklyn across the room, breaking a table in the process. Kid Kennedy and Fighting Ferguson rally to Brooklyn's aide but Hun throws them aside easily as well. Angel tells Hun that she knows she can't stop him with force, so she asks him to stop tormenting the others. Hun agrees, telling her that if she tells him where Casey is, he'll leave without hurting anyone else. Angel refuses. At that moment Casey walks in, and asks his dad to come outside and talk, one-on-one.

Leonardo heads downstairs to see what Splinter wanted. Splinter asks how their patrol/training sessions went, and Leo tells him of the foiled robbery. Splinter asks what Leo's brothers are up to now; Leo tells him that Raphael and Michelangelo have gone on to complete the task Splinter gave them, and Don is heading over to Harold Lilja's place to get help. Splinter asks how Leo himself is doing as well, concerned that his son may still be feeling the effects of the Foot Clan's brainwashing on him. Leo tells him he's glad to be back. Splinter is glad, as they have to consider their next move quickly before Shredder finds out they've returned.

Outside the Skara Brae, Casey asks his father what he wants to tell him. Hun tells Casey that the best thing for him to do is to join Shredder and the Foot, or he'll end up like Shredder's enemies: dead. Casey tells him that's not going to happen and starts to walk off, but Hun grabs him. Casey recoils, telling his dad that he can kill him if he wants, but he's not going to let him hit him and beat him like he used to. Hun apologizes, acknowledging that although the bruises are gone, the emotional wounds he inflicted on Casey run too deep, and forgiveness is not likely. Hun tells Casey that he can give him money, and he can go whereever he likes and start fresh. Casey says he doesn't want to leave his life behind. He says that if he could leave and start a new life, so could his dad. Hun says that won't ever happen. Hun's life has been given a purpose again, he has his self-confidence back. Casey tells him he's not going to leave town, so the two of them will see who is the "real man" between the two of them. As Casey leaves, he asks Hun what kind of "real man" chooses a scumbag like Shredder over his own son. Inside the Skara Brae, Angel asks Casey how his talk with Hun went, and Casey tells her how bad it was. Brooklyn goes off on both of them, telling them that they've bitten off more than they can chew by getting involved with "those damn mutants." Angel asks her dad if he's taking Hun's side; he says he's just trying to protect what's his. Angel tells her dad he doesn't own her and storms out. Casey apologizes for the mess his dad made of the bar and then goes after Angel.

In an alley, Hun ponders over the choices he's made. He thinks about what Shredder, Brooklyn, and Casey told him. Hun takes one last look at a picture of himself and Casey in one of their rare happier moments, then crumples it up and walks away.





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