Merciless Slaughter

Biographical information

New York City


Formerly Caucasian


Heavy metal Musician


TMNT, Mutanimals, Candy Fine

Physical description

Mutant Gecko
Former human



Hair color


Eye color


Out of universe information



Archie Comics

First appearance

Mondo Metal

Created by

Ryan Brown

Teachers and Students

Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Mondo started his life as a human teenage boy playing in the local metal band "Merciless Slaughter", which alerted the Turtles as the noise came from Shredder's old hideout, which they wondered how could that be because at the time Shredder had been captured by the NYPD and remanded to jail. When the Turtles see the metal band practicing they decide to intervene as trespassing not only illegal, it is a bad idea, considering it was Shredder's territory and danger could be about. Sure enough, the band accidentally activate some dormant Foot Soldiers and are attacked. Mondo accidentally got mutagen on him and because his latest contact was with his pet lizard he carried on his shoulders, his skin started turning green and his rear end sprouted a tail that ripped through his jeans, transforming him into an anthropomorphic gecko. His girlfriend, Candace Fine, decided to split up with him, and Mondo accepted, knowing she could not handle him as a mutant, and the two parted ways peacefully. Later, he became a member of the team known as the Mutanimals and eventually got back together with his girlfriend Candy.

After cancellation, the Mutanimals received their own 7-part backup-series in the pages of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures beginning in issue 48 and ending in issue 54. This series saw the assassination of the Mutanimals at the hands of the high-tech Gang of Four. Issues 55-57 continued the aftermath of their death and its effect on the Turtles' storyline.

This version of Mondo made a brief appearance in All Tomorrow's Yesterdays.