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Mona Lisa
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New York City

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Mutant lizard



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Dark brown (feathers)

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TMNT #101

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Sophie Campbell

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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Mona Lisa is a character who debuted in TMNT #101 [1] She is one of the victims of Old Hob's Mutagen bomb and thus lives in Mutant Town.


Mona was a college student before the Mutagen bomb transformed her. Since she is no longer able to attend, she spends her time helping the impoverished of Mutant Town. When Jennika meets her, she had stolen some food from a warehouse to bring back to Alopex's shelter, which has been running low. On her way, she was accosted by a pair of mutants who insisted that she must have stolen it from other mutants in the neighborhood. Jennika beat up the two goons and sent them packing back to their boss, then got to chatting with Mona. Suddenly, some quills fly into Jennika's jacket, revealing that the mutants did indeed go to their boss, a mutant porcupine.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #101


She is an upbeat and friendly young lady who described herself as a "good person."


  • Jennika: Jennika saves Mona from a pair of mutants and chats with her. Jennika calls her theft of food from the warehouse "badass."
  • Alopex: Mona volunteers to help provide Alopex with food for her shelter. She also thinks Alopex is "cute."
  • Unnamed parents: Mona bemoans not being able to see her parents in Maryland since her mutation.
  • Bandit and Puggle: The mutant raccoon and platypus are angry at Mona for stealing food from the Mutanimals' warehouse.

Powers and abilities

Before her mutation, she was a college student majoring in physics.

She is able to defend herself from an assailant using her tail. Other than that; most her combat abilities are currently unknown.

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