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Mona Lisa
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Mutant Town, New York City, Earth

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Human-born mutant lizard



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Dark brown (feathers)

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TMNT #101

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Sophie Campbell

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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Mona Lisa is a character who debuted in TMNT #101.[1] She is one of the victims of Old Hob's mutagen bomb and thus has been confined to live in Mutant Town.


She is an upbeat and friendly young lady who described herself as a "good person." Mona is saddened by the fact that she can't see her parents, but she is very optimistic seeing her mutation as an "Once in a life time transformational experience". She has a soft spot for children as seen when she became very fond of 3 young weasel mutants and their little turtle friend and was outraged by Hob's willingness to trade them up for food and supplies to the Foot Clan. Mona is also shown to be a fan of Metal Music because she accompanied the turtles and their other friends to the the Kennel Klub for a After the Bomb concert

Physical appearance

As a mutant, Mona Lisa is a slender female lizard mutant of medium height with a long tail and feathers in place of of hair that are usually kept in a ponytail and small horns on he side of her face. She wears glasses with the bridge is covered in tape; she is using her horns in place of ears.

Her prior human appearance has not been shown.

Powers and abilities

Before her mutation, she was a college student majoring in physics.

As a mutant lizard, Mona has shown she can defend herself from an assailant using her own tail.


  • Mona's parents: Mona bemoans not being able to see her parents in Maryland since her mutation.
  • Turtles: she quickly befriended all of them and volunteered to show them around Mutant Town while they were setting up their new dōjō.
    • Jennika: Jennika saves Mona from a pair of mutants and chats with her. Jennika calls her theft of food from the warehouse "badass." They have become very good friends
    • Raphael: Mona heard of Raphael's vigilantism before meeting him.
    • Donatello: Mona first met Donatello when Jennika introduce them. She is very impressed with Donnie's intelligence. Since their meeting, there have been moments when Mona has appeared to flirt with him.
  • Alopex: Mona volunteers to help provide Al with food for Al's shelter. She also thinks Al is "cute."
  • Sally Pride: Sally stopped her Mutanimal subordinates Puggle and Bandit from harassing Mona, and accompanied Mona, along with the food Mona had stolen from the Mutanimals' food bank, to Al's shelter. After this, Mona and Sally had no trouble become friends, and Mona was present later when Sally officially quit the Mutanimals after Hob was revealed to be trafficking mutant children.
  • Weasels: Mona was present at Al's shelter when Hob's hungry escaped weasels Zink, Zanna and Mushroom raided it for food, and also accompanied Sally and Jenny as they went after the weasels. When the weasels met and started playing with Lita and proved to be ordinary mutant kids, and also witnessed Hob as a father luring the weasels before netting them to hand over to Koya as part of a mutant trafficking sale, Mona was quick to sympathize and stand up for the weasels as innocent children. After Sally freed the weasels from Hob, Mona especially took to Zanna, carrying her in her arms as Jenny, Mona and Sally accompanied Lita and the weasels to a safe place.
  • Old Hob: Mona stole food from Hob's food bank to supply Al's shelter, but he supported his subordinate Sally's decision to reprimand Puggle and Bandit and fire Diamond after they became too violent with Mona and Jenny. But Mona was later present to witness Hob and Koya trying to recover the escaped weasel daughters Hob had tried to sell to Oroku Karai; Mona promptly showing her disgust toward Hob.
  • Puggle and Bandit: The two Mutanimals enforcers harassed Mona when they suspected she had stolen food from the Mutanimals' food bank, something she actually did do. But they were too violent with Mona, so Sally disciplined and reprimanded them.


Mona was a college student before the mutagen bomb transformed her. Since she is no longer able to attend, she spends her time helping the impoverished of Mutant Town, which includes stealing food from Mutanimals warehouses to bring back to Alopex's shelter. Jennika came to her rescue on one such occasion, and the two struck up a friendship before being forced to defend themselves from Bandit and Puggle. 101

After Sally called of the goons she took the food back to the shelter were she Jenny, Raph and Alopex listened to Sally talk about all the problems in the Mutainamals.102

Mona accompanied Sally Pride and Jennika in their pursuit of the weasels, and seemed charmed by their childlike behavior. She was particularly outraged when it was discovered that Hob was trafficking the weasels to the Foot Clan, and helped bring them back to Alopex's shelter. She was extremely enthusiastic about meeting Donatello, having already been impressed by Raphael's ninja prowess.103

After the four Turtle brothers were reunited and returned to Mutant Town, Mona accompanied them, Alopex, Sally and Jennika to a heavy metal concert, arriving arm-in-arm with Donatello at the Kennel Klub.104

She was seen enjoying herself at Sheena's concert. Some time later she helped Donne with the electrical wiring at the turtles' new dōjō 105

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