Mokusai No Bushi
Mokusei no Bushi
Biographical information

Lap of the Gods, Japan


Superior martial arts skills
Regenerative capacity and physical resilience

Weapon(s) of choice

Bladed tonfas


Ninja Tribunal

Physical description

Mystical beings


about 210 cm

Out of universe information

2003 TV series,

First appearance

Ninja Tribunal (2003 episode)

Voiced by

David Zen Mansley

Teachers and Students

Ninja Tribunal

The Mokusei no Bushi are servants of mystical Ninja Tribunal and as such were exclusively created for the 2003 animated series.


Mokusei no Bushi were created by the Ninja Tribunal to be guardians and testers of prospective recruits. They are brought to life by the mystical powers of the Tribunal, carved in crude manlike shaped wooden figures that are dressed in Bogu (kendo armor).

Mokusei no Bushi move contrary to the inherently rigid structure of their bodies very smoothly and are even more flexible and agile than a man; they are able to contort and bend in a breathtaking manner and can rotate all parts of their bodies around 180 degrees from a standing start without taking damage. They are almost indomitable fighters armed and unarmed. Their wooden body structure also makes them much stronger and more resilient than humans, and they can regenerate any minor and medium injury in a matter of seconds. As standard weapons they use tonfa which exhibit spring loaded spring blades in their wooden staffs.

2003 Series

The Mokusai No Bushi are four wooden warriors who work for the Ninja Tribunal and had to test the Turtles to see if they were worthy for their Acolyte training. The Mokusai actually defeated the Turtles and placed them in a dungeon where they met their fellow Acolytes. They then reappear (albeit in larger numbers) in the throne room of the Ninja Tribunal, where the Tribunal forces their acolytes to fight them when they refuse to fight each other.

The Bushi first appeared during the season 4 finale of the 2003 animated series.

Video Games

They appear as enemies in the game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Ninja Tribunal


  • The characters' name is likely a corruption of the Japanese phrase もくざいのぶし (mokuzai no bushi, lit. warrior(s) of wood).
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