The Mojave Desert is a desert mostly located in California, but also straddling Arizona, Nevada and Utah. It is part of the larger Southwestern United States region, and is the driest desert in North America. The Mojave region contains some major regional cities like Las Vegas and San Bernadino, but is otherwise mostly rural and sparsely populated. Death Valley and Lake Mead are other notable locations within the Mojave.

In the IDW continuity, most of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Casey & April miniseries takes place in the California's Mojave Desert where Casey Jones and April O'Neil drive on a road trip in April's van to investigate leads provided by the Pantheon scroll. There, Casey and April encounter the trickery of the Rat King, but also meet his kindly sister Aka, a local goddess who proves to be exactly who the scroll has been pointing to. The entrance to Aka's liminal space is Aka's Trailer, a modest mobile home with Zen garden located deep in the desert.

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