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Red Stripe Army

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Mutant Meerkat







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The Wasteland Warrior

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In the Mutant Apocalypse timeline, Mira is a mutant meerkat who lost her entire family and had to survive alone whilst searching for The Holy Chalupa, the legendary hermit who could translate the map to the Oasis that had been tattooed on her arm.


Mira is a humanoid meerkat with pale brown fur and four-fingered hands. She has cream fur on her belly and a dark patch on her head. She has grey eyes with black patches around them, white fangs and black claws.

She wears an orange bandanna around her neck, a brown pouch belt draped over her right shoulder, a black torn tank top which exposes her midriff and belly button, earth green pants through which her tail sticks out, a brown belt, black shoes with white symbols on them, and metal spikes on the bottom of her shoes.

She also wears bandages on her left upper arm, right wrist and tail. She wears a brown finger-less glove on her right hand while her left hand is bare. She also has the map to Oasis tattooed on her left forearm and a yellow outlined silly face on her tank top.


Born into a mutant meerkat clan named Wild Meerkat Clan, Mira and the other members of her clan got a tattoo representing the map to the Oasis, the only really livable place on earth. In unknown circumstances, her entire family was destroyed, leaving them only as the only survivor. Now alone, Mira sets out to find the Oasis.

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