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Return to New York, book two

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Kevin Eastman
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Jim Lawson

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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Mini Shredder is the coloquial name of one of three "Shredder Clones" appearing in the Return to New York storyline. As with the others, he is not actually made from the DNA of Oroku Saki, but is a test subject. Mystically charged colony worms were fed the remains of a deceased person before perfecting the technique with Oroku Saki's corpse. First seen at the end of Return to New York, book two, he and the other clones are responsible for the death of the Triceraton Zog.

When fighting the Ninja Turtles, he teams up with the clawed Shredder "clone" to fight Donatello and Michelangelo. He and the Claw Shredder meet their demises when Michelangelo hits Mini Shredder into Claw Shredder with Donatello's , knocking them both into an exhaust shaft, which explodes.


Mini Shredder, as his name implies, is incredibly short. However, his head is much larger than that of the average human, with a helmet to match. Due to the proportions facemask portion of the helmet, his face may be misshapen. Like the four-armed Shredder "clone", each of his tekkō-kagi only have one claw.

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