Milton Frobish III
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White guy


Newscasting intern
Potential future doctor


Channel 6

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1987 TV series

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Nightmare in the Lair

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Milton Frobish III is the son of the owner of Channel 6, Milton Frobish II. In the 1987 series episode Nightmare in the Lair, his father sends him to Channel 6 for employment. The younger Frobish ends up being terrible at the job, so Burne sits him down with April to shadow her - but not before Irma can trigger his chocolate allergy with a cake.

Later, April has Milton climb a ladder and fetch some video tapes on a high shelf. Vernon walks in and in an incredibly counter-intuitive effort to get Milton down safely, grabs the ladder and shakes it, sending crashing Milton into April's desk, obliterating it. Vernon then blames April for the mishap and says he'll tell Frobish II on her.

Milton, now in a leg cast due to Vernon's antics, has finally retrieved the videotapes and goes to give them to Irma. Vernon insists Milton sit down and tries to take the tapes from him, but Milton insists he's fine. Vernon's struggling to wrench them away sends Milton and the chair careening down the hall out a pair of doors and straight down a staircase.

After another stint in hospital, Milton II wheels his son back to Channel 6. He asks who was responsible for doing this to Milton III, and Vernon once again blames April. Irma tries to take the brunt of the blame, despite the fact that obviously it's all Vernon's doing. Milton II prepares to tell them what will happen to them, with Vernon hoping they'll get fired, but instead, he is going to pay for them to have a vacation in Hawai'i. As it turns out, Milton III's time in the emergency room made him realize he wanted to go to medical school, an idea which pleased his father.

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