The Mikey-Tron 6000 is a suit of battle armor made by Mikey in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fast Forward.


After Cody Jones was captured by he Inuwashi Gunjin under the orders of Darius Dun, Donatello suggested evening the odds by making their own weapons using the Transcendental lathe. With Starlee Hambrath at the controls, Leo, Raph and Donnie made their signature weapons: Mikey, however, made something else rather than his nunchucks: a battlesuit he dubbed "Mikey-Tron 6000". Starlee called it overcompensating while Donnie predicted things would end badly for Mikey.

Their predictions would come true when the Turtles went to rescue Cody as after the first few seconds in battle, the suit proved effective, but it short-circuited and fell apart leaving Mikey unarmed for the rest of the fight. Afterwards, Starlee gave Cody nunchuks to give to Mikey, whereupon he forgot all about the suit "(Obsolete)".


Mikey-Tron 6000 took on the orange and dark blue-green appearance of Mikey's orange mask and his future suit. It comes equipped with rocket boots, a laser cannon on both shoulders and his left arm, a cybernetic lens over the left eye and the right fist could be ejected to hit enemies from a distance.