Mike, the Sewer Surfer (1990 action figure)

The Wet 'n Wild Wave-ridin' Reptile!

Vital Surftistics

Accessories: The Crab, Sewer-worthy Surfboard, Sewer Shark Buddies, Wave-whipping Water Flingin' Wheel, Party Belt
Favorite Snack: Plankton Pizza
Favorite Beach: Turtle Head
Favortie Movie: Bailin' in Bombay

There's a wild wave roarin' in - and Mike's ridin' it all the way! He's been workin' hard to blast the Foot and now he's ready to blast the beach - sewer surfer style. Armed to the teeth with Turtle treats, Mike's the ultimate party warrior. He's ditched the drips, joined up with his boogie boardin' buddies and strayed for spray. Watch him snap open cans with The Crab, keep his balance with the sewer shark twins - all on his sewer-worthy surfboard.

So slap on some shades and catch some rays cause this rowdy reptile's ridin' the waves. And remember - no Foot Clan drips are allowed.


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