The Wind-up Funky Flying Machine!


Spinnin' Pizza Box Rotors, Pizza Pie Slice, Pizza Exhaust Pipes, Two Detachable Saucy Bombs, Pizza Utililty Belt,


"Give your Turtles the power of flight! Give your Turtles the gift of speed! Give your Turtles a better way to pick up pizzas! Give 'em Mike's Pizza Chopper Backpack. It's ultra cool and ultra light: fits all the cool dudes and fits 'em right. Mike's mighty proud of his sky-scalin' mutant mayhem machine and her are the reasons why; 1. It gives him the ability to fly. 2. It looks way cool; 3. It's named after him. 4. Mike made it himself out of a pizza oven, a turbo-charged pizza-powered transmission, piles of pizza boxes and ten tomato sauce cans. 5. It looks way cool. 6. He can drop saucy bombs on the Foot Clan. 7. He can cook pizza while he flies. 8. The Turtles can soar from pizzeria to pizzeria and fill their tummies. 9. Did we mention that it looks way cool? So get off the ground and fight the Foot high above the heads or mortal mutants. Take off with Mike's Pizza Chopper Backpack!"


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