The Dune-drivin', Sand-Surfin' Beach Machine


  • Rotatin' Soakin' Soda Can Machine Guns, Chillin' Ammo Chest, Bangin' Beach Banner, Detachable Wave Wackin' Super Surfboard, Sewer Sludge Extinguisher, Armored Turtle Shell Hubs, Sand Skiddin' Traction Tires, Reciprocatin' Surfboard Bumper, Authentic, Psychadelic 60s Stickers, Pebble-pelted Windshield, Detachable Spiked Beach Ball Bomb


"Whoa dude! Grab your board and slip into some skimpy shorts cuz Mike's takin' his Kowabunga Surf Buggy to blue heaven, curl city, water wonderland - you know, the beach. Strap yourself in and take the most radical ride of your young life as Mike dives off dunes and skids in sand. But don't worry, the sand-skiddin traction tires never lose thier grip. And with the reciprocatin' surfboard bumper, bumps bite it before you ride it. While Raph fires on the Foot with with the soakin' soda can machine guns, you can chill it, and snag yourself a sand snack or some frozen fire power from the chillin' ammo chest. What if the Foot don't fall, you say? Well, keep it cool, cuz Raph don't fizz 'em, then you can slam and jam 'em with the detachable spiked beach ball bomb. And to end your bodacious day at the beach you can watch Mike waste some waves on the Surf Buggy's wave wackin' super surfboard. Kowabunga Dudes!"


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