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'''''The Mighty Mutanimals''''' were a {{LinkWikipedia|comic book}} {{LinkWikipedia|spin-off}} from the ''[[Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures]]'' distributed by [[Archie Comics]]. The Mutanimals were an organization of [[mutant]] {{LinkWikipedia|animals}} who were friends of the [[Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles]].
'''The Mighty Mutanimals''', or just '''Mutanimals''', are a crime fighting team of [[mutant]] animals.
The ''Mighty Mutanimals'' were originally a {{LinkWikipedia|mini-series}} with three issues, and later the ''Mighty Mutanimals'' totaled twelve issues and one collection, which had the mini-series' issues. The mini-series was released throughout May [[1991]] until July 1991, and the other nine issues were released from April [[1992]] until June [[1993]]. The mini-series collection was released in Winter 1991.
* [[Mighty Mutanimals (Archie)]]
* [[Mighty Mutanimals (Archie miniseries)]]
[[Dean Clarrain]], [[Ken Mitchroney]], [[Mike Kazaleh]], and [[Garrett Ho]] all worked on the comic book mini-series.
** ''[[The Mighty Mutanimals (Archie)]]''
** ''[[The Mighty Mutanimals (Archie comic)]]''
One of the characters in the Mutanimals was [[Dreadmon]], a half-man, half-Tasmanian wolf with super speed.
* ''[[The Mighty Mutanimals (TV pitch)]]''
* [[Mighty Mutanimals (IDW)]]
==Core Members==
** ''[[Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutanimals]]''
* [[Mighty Mutanimals (2012 TV series)]]
* [[Mighty Mutanimals (2012 video games)]]
* [[Mighty Mutanimals (Amazing Adventures)]]
*[[Mondo Gecko]]
** ''[[The Meeting of the Mutanimals]]''
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*[[Wingnut & Screwloose]]
*[[Man Ray]]
==Reserve Members/Prominent Allies==
* [ The Mighty Mutanimals] at Retrieved [[2008]]-1-22.
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The Mighty Mutanimals, or just Mutanimals, are a crime fighting team of mutant animals.

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