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The Mighty Mecha Power Raiders are stage show characters appearing in the TMNT Adventures Comics, during the series' final story arc, The Year of the Turtle. Referred to as "America's favorite TV heroes"[1], they are an obvious parody of the the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and are used as commentary on their dethroning of the Turtles as the children's "fad" at the time.

In the first issue of The Year of the Turtle, it is shown that Michelangelo is a fan of their series. Coincidentally, whilst discussing the Green Talisman, the turtles notices that the White Raider is wearing part of it as a belt buckle. The turtles head over to the Radio City Music Hall, where the Power Raiders are performing at a stage show, and ask for the talisman. The White Raider (Timmy) refuses and a fight ensues. Since the Raiders are actors and not true battle-hardened martial artists like the turtles are, they are all trounced easily, except for Timmy, who is given powers by the talisman. He beats down all of the turtles except Leonardo, who continues to struggle against the Power Raider when he gets an idea to cut his belt with his katana, removing the talisman and the actor's pants. However, as Leo is busy knocking out the White Raider, Shredder's goon T.K.O. takes the talisman with her telekinesis.


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