Mighty Bebop figure
The Muscle-bound Mutant Menace!

Vital Suptistics

Weapons: Fisty Shield, Harey the Beefed-up Bunny Sidekick, Tranquilizin’ Dart Wrist Rifle
Favorite Hero: Super Shredder
Weakness: Bacon

Stronger than Shredder’s foot odor, faster than Krang’s drool, it’s the Foot Clan’s answer to those super sewer green good guys – mighty bad, mighty ugly – Mighty Bebop! He flies through the air with pungent pig power (you’ll know �what we mean when you smell it) – which is why Harey, the beefed-up bunny sidekick’s nose is always twitchin’! Mighty Bebop crushes unsuspecting Turtles with his Mutant muscles. He’s a caped crook loaded with specialized Turtle terrorizin’ tools, like the fisty shield and the tranquilizin’ dart wrist rifle. And each one of those super torturin’ tools is covered by a lifetime Foot guarantee. So there’s no stoppin’ Mighty Bebop, unless you smell worse than Shredder’s feet. Well, do ya?

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