Midtown Evacuation Center

Midtown Evacuation Center


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In the IDW continuity, the Midtown Evacuation Center is a temporary civilian evacuation facility in New York City during the invasion of the Triceratons. The "Midtown" in its name implies it is either located in Midtown Manhattan or was designated to gather refugees escaping that neighborhood. It only appears in the story Monster Hunt, providing the story's primary setting.

In actuality, the evacuation center is an otherwise abandoned old building that the Turtles temporary sought shelter inside. But while they were still inside, the building rapidly started to fill with civilian refugees along with personnel from the New York Police Department and the Emergency Management Agency, who had just designated the building a refugee shelter. The Turtles hid inside an as-of-yet unsearched custodial arts closet as they came up with many plans of escape, most of which failed. They finally escaped by reexamining an earlier suggestion by Michelangelo to use spare supplies to dress up as monsters and scare their way out, all while simultaneously using an pilfered police radio to create a diversion by making a false report that Triceratons had entered the building from the opposite side of the Turtles' intended escape route.

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