Midshipman Mike
The Salty Sewer Sailor!

Vital Statistics

Accessories: Sewer Sea Gull, Dynamic Duffel Bag, Power-Packed Puddle Paddle, Anti-Foot Flag
Favortie Ship: U.S.S. Pizza
Enemy Ships Sunk: Footski (397 times!)

No ship is safe from sinking in the sewers without Midshipman Mike. He’s the salty sewer sailor who can swim, swashbuckle and swab the deck – all without getting his “duds” dirty! This briny battle boy is ready for high sea adventure. Mike will paddle the punks and send ‘em all straight to Davy Jones’ locker. Yes, the waterways will always be sewer safe as long as Midshipman Mike’s on the deck. So, ahoy you mutant mateys and don’t make waves, make way… for Midshipman Mike! © 1991 Playmates