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Johnny Woo Woo (brother)
Lee (boyfriend, deceased)

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Midnight worked for a Hong Kong crime boss known as Dong, along with her brother, Johnny Woo Woo. Midnight was Johnny's getaway driver, as he worked as an assassin. However, Midnight was romantically involved with Dong's son, Lee, and he set all three of them - Johnny, Lee, and Midnight - to be placed under a hit. When only Lee of the three was killed, Dong told Johnny that Midnight had double-crossed them and got Lee killed, and tasked him with killing her, despite Johnny insisting that she had been killed as well.

Johnny tracked Midnight down to New York City, where she bumped into Casey Jones in the middle of a brawl that had spilled out of a bar and into the street. In a mix of chivalry and randiness, Casey tagged along with Midnight to help her get away from Johnny. Johnny catches up to them in an alley, but he and his men are felled when Raphael shows up, dropping the ladder from a fire escape onto them, and thus, he joins Casey and Midnight.

The three of then escape to Pittsburgh, dodging Johnny and the other hitmen along the way, to meet up with Midnight's contact Court at his nightclub, Club Dead. Johnny and gang attack the club, and they flee to a church where Court's buddy Martin runs "Sanctuary", a gang splintered off from the main Hong Kong gang of Dong's that he was working on with Lee. There, Johnny and Midnight finally have a showdown, battling with trench knives. She tries to inform Johnny of the set-up that put the price on her head, but he rebukes her statement. Midnight ends up fatally stabbing Johnny and he dies in her arms.

With the trouble off of Midnight, she parts ways with Casey and Raph.

Powers and abilities

  • Fisticuffs
  • Marksmanship
  • Driving
  • Knife fighting

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