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Biographical information

One Love
Doctor Delicate Touch
Magic Mike
Doctor Feelings
Doctor Positive
Doctor Slightly Disappointed


Michael (by Donatello and Raphael)
Orange (by Meat Sweats and Marcus Moncrief)
Miguel (by Leonardo)
Orange Pawn (by Donatello)
Little man (by Raphael)
Angelo (by Donatello)
Mike (by Leonardo)
Mr. Orange (by Donatello)

Date of birth

2005 (age 13 during the series)

Weapon(s) of choice

Flame-generating kusari-fundo (formerly)


Hamato Yoshi (human mutation father)
Baron Draxum (creator, father)
Raphael (human mutation brother through Yoshi)
Leonardo (human mutation brother through Yoshi)
Donatello (human mutation brother through Yoshi)
April O'Neil (surrogate sister, fellow Hamato Clan)
Piebald (mutation sister through Yoshi)
Hamato Atsuko (human mutation grandmother through Yoshi)
Hamato Sho (human mutation great-grandfather through Atsuko)
Hamato Karai (human mutation ancestor through Sho)
Oroku Saki (human mutation ancestor through Karai)

Physical description

Ornate box turtle (originally)
Mutant half-turtle, half-human (currently)


4' 7"[1]



Eye color


Bandana color

Dark red (as a Hamato Clan ninja)

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Michelangelo is an ornate box turtle who was mutated to become part human. He is one of the main protagonists of Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He is the youngest Turtle and wielded a kusari-fundo, which possessed a "mystic whip" ability until its destruction where it was then replaced by his nunchaku.

Physical Appearance

Michelangelo is a mutant ornate box turtle with blue-green skin, a bright yellow plastron, and a blue-grey carapace with a yellow pattern. He has geometric yellow markings on his shoulders and thighs, black eyes, a tooth gap in the right side of his upper jaw, three fingers on each hand, and two toes on each foot.

He wears an orange mask with short mask tails, orange wristbands and socks, and orange knee pads with red faces on them (a dead face on the right and a smiley face on the left). He also wears a pair of magenta and cyan stickers on his plastron (a triangle and a lightning bolt) and a dark orange chest harness over his left shoulder with the Turtle emblem placed over his heart.


Mikey is playful and lighthearted. He is intuitive, able to adopt new skills quickly, determine others' problems, and at times accurately predict situational outcomes.

Mikey is quite creative and has a passion for a variety of different art mediums such as illustration, music, and cooking. He is attuned to pop culture shown by some of his word choices and his knowledge of relevant celebrities such as Rupert Swaggart. However, Mikey has mixed appreciation for certain retro/old school icons as he is disappointed with the dated graphics in Hot Soup: The Game ("Hot Soup: The Game").

Mikey is easily frightened and often retreats into his shell instead of confronting the threat. This results in others having to carry him to safety themselves. Despite this, Mikey enjoys watching thrillers/horror as long as he is a passive viewer as he watches Baxter Stockboy’s haunted video on the ghost named the Gumbus.

While Mikey will lie, he has a disdain for it as he is increasingly frustrated with Leonardo's lying behavior in "Flushed, but Never Forgotten" and insists on him and his brothers revealing the truth to Splinter. Mikey finds it hard to cope with the guilt of lying and thus doesn't keep secrets reliably.

Mikey is competitive as seen in "You Got Served" when he is determined to win a one-sided competition against Leo and boasts about his previous victory, labeling himself as the "all-time champ of today".

Mikey is family-oriented and compassionate as in "Repairin' the Baron" he helps Baron Draxum recover from wearing the Kuroi Yōroi unprompted. He prefers to see the good in others, a quality that can border on naiveté such as when he tries to rationalize Foot Recruit's suspicious attitude to himself during their first encounter in "Hot Soup: The Game".

Mikey has three personas he created: Doctor Delicate Touch, Doctor Feelings, and Doctor Positive. To deliver a harsh truth in his "Doctor Delicate Touch" method, Mikey often starts off being sweet, but quickly becomes angry and frank ("Man vs. Sewer"). Doctor Feelings uses his emotional intelligence to advise others ("Breaking Purple"), and Mikey faces issues with determined optimism as Doctor Positive ("Repairin' the Baron").

Mikey is openly sentimental and encourages others' emotional vulnerability as well. He highly values intimacy and tries to cultivate it in his relationships (sometimes to the point of insistence). This openness can make him excitable, acting hastily and injuring himself as a result. It also leads to Mikey being rude just as often as he is kind such as when he snaps at his brothers for not reacting appropriately to a restaurant he liked being destroyed in "Pizza Pit" or expresses how he wishes to expel Donatello from the Mad Dogs right in front of him in "Bullhop".

Mikey doesn't allow others to diminish his contributions or take him for granted and will sharply correct attempts to ("Mystery Meat"). He can also be insulted when others regard him as dependent such as in "Hot Soup: The Game" when he is eager to complete a mission without his brothers' aid. Mikey's confidence in his capacity to be independent isn't always shared by the other Mad Dogs due to him being the youngest, much to his frustration.


Mikey began life as a juvenile turtle in Baron Draxum's laboratory. Wishing to create a mutant army with formidable combat capabilities, Draxum used Lou Jitsu's DNA paired with his ooze to turn Mikey from an ordinary turtle into a mutant. He and his brothers were then stolen from Draxum's laboratory by Lou Jitsu promptly after their mutation and Mikey went on to be raised in the sewers of New York City alongside his brothers by Splinter. Eventually, Mikey and his brothers met a human girl named April O'Neil and forged a strong bond with her through the years.


As the youngest Turtle, Mikey has a wild and colorful personality. He is an artist and spends his time tagging the Turtles' lair and his shell with graffiti. He's an eternal optimist and an absolute natural at ninjutsu.


  • Fire generation: Mikey wields a mystic fire-generating kusari-fundo with a laughing weight and a chain that can extend nigh-infinitely. With its extensive reach, he can burn, grapple, and cut opponents/objects.
  • Weight rejection: Anything within his kusari-fundo’s grip instantly becomes weightless, allowing Mikey to manipulate opponents/objects of a normally colossal weight with ease.
  • Power Fun Jutsu: By spiraling his kusari-fundo’s chain, Mikey can generate a funnel of flame capable of engulfing opponents or transporting a large number of objects from one place to another.
  • Mystic Whip Grip: The spiked weight of his kusari-fundo is capable of latching onto surfaces to anchor Mikey to them.
  • Ninjutsu: Mikey possesses an innate aptitude for learning ninjutsu, unlike his brothers, and is skilled in basic ninjutsu. But due to Splinter’s reluctance to advance their training and the Turtles’ own lack of focus on learning the art, he and his brothers’ skills aren’t honed.
    • Stealth: As a practitioner of ninjutsu, Mikey can slip in and out of areas undetected. These skills significantly improved after additional instruction in "The Ancient Art of Ninja Hide and Seek", Mikey now being capable of blending in with his environment to the point where he can seamlessly pose as objects.
      • Lights-Off Jutsu: By clapping his hands, Mikey can turn off any lights in an area to use the darkness to his advantage.
    • Speed: Mikey possesses a great amount of speed, capable of moving in bursts faster than the eye can follow.
    • Enhanced agility: Mikey is exceptionally agile, even compared to the other Mad Dogs, and is known for this among his family. He can perform acrobatics with ease, scaling, swinging, flipping, and tumbling from structures to elevate his combat choreography and ability to evade attacks.
    • Strength: Mikey possesses strength greater than the average human.
      • Hamato Ninpō: As a member of the Hamato Clan, Mikey is capable of tapping into his clan's energy to unleash his own mystic might.
        • Weapon generation: Mikey can use random objects to form weaponry, namely nunchaku.
        • Mystic whip: Mikey can extend the chain of his nunchaku nigh-infinitely to grapple opponents.
  • Super tongue: Mikey can identify and analyze specific ingredients in food by merely tasting it as shown in “Pizza Puffs”.
  • Durability: Due to his mutation, Mikey’s body can experience a higher threshold of physical trauma without lasting repercussions than the average human.
  • Shell retraction: Mikey is able to fully retreat into his shell.[2]
  • Skateboarding: Mikey is a seasoned skateboarder and enjoys it as one of his hobbies.
  • Mandolin playing: Mikey knows how to play the mandolin as shown in “Nothing But Truffle”.
  • Cooking: Mikey is quite proficient in cooking, creating excellent dishes, and knows a variety of recipes such as soup, pizza tots, and risotto.
  • Ballet: According to “Lair Games”, Mikey is a master of ballet.
  • Illustration: Mikey is a prolific and skilled visual artist, versed in multiple mediums such as aerosol paint and graphite pencils. Mikey as an artist has been described as "our version of Banksy".[2]



  • Michelangelo's parent(s)
    • Hamato Yoshi / Lou Jitsu / Splinter: Splinter is Mikey's father. Mikey loves him deeply and, out his brothers, has the most positive relationship and perception of Splinter. Even so, he isn't afraid to be brusque with Splinter such as in "Hidden City's Most Wanted" or "Repairin' the Baron".
    • Baron Draxum: Draxum is Mikey's father. It was Mikey more than any one else that chose to believe in Draxum and help him get back on his feet after he was forced to flee the Hidden City. He has a lot of faith in Draxum's capacity to be good and while he doesn't take Draxum's physical and emotional distance personally, Mikey is firm with him when he tries to cause trouble.
  • Donatello: Mikey gets along well with Donnie, though he doesn't always share his interests or understand why some things upset him. It is not unusual for Mikey to team up with Donnie such as in "The Ancient Art of Ninja Hide and Seek" and he is supportive of him whether it is about his latest tech or when he versed Raph in a fighting match in "Sparring Partner". He considers Donnie to be his "second favorite brother" ("Lair Games"). However, Mikey also teases him regularly, boasting about stealing his things and how much more he likes S.H.E.L.L.D.O.N. than him.
  • Leonardo: Mikey is most competitive towards Leo, shown in "You Got Served" and "Mrs. Cuddles" that he often plays games against him. Mikey appreciates Leo's leniency towards his independence and that he doesn't coddle him like the other Mad Dogs are at times inclined to, treating him in the mature manner he yearns for as shown in "Hot Soup: The Game". He gets along quite well with Leo as they share similar upbeat attitudes and love for fun and jokes, though Mikey can be exasperated by Leo's lack of responsibility and inappropriate humor.
  • Raphael: While Mikey loves Raph and though they typically get along quite well, he finds his overprotection especially aggravating and patronizing. Despite this, he often uses Raph's body for protection from threats and he can often be seen perched on him.
  • April O'Neil: Mikey really loves April and hanging out with her as shown in "The Gumbus" and "Mystery Meat". He is very encouraging towards her and ensures that April knows her efforts are appreciated.
  • Piebald: Piebald is technically Mikey's sister, but he didn't meet her as a mutant until "Flushed, but Never Forgotten" where she orchestrated an unsettling prank on him and his brothers. Mikey felt very guilty about never telling Splinter what happened to her and felt bad for Piebald, believing she deserved better than to secretly be replaced. However, he now feels ambivalent about the situation.
  • Hamato Karai: Karai is Mikey's ancestral grandmother. Although Mikey only spent a short time with her, it is clear that Mikey loves Karai a lot. He included Karai in a family portrait he drew for her and was overjoyed to hear from her again in "Anatawa Hitorijanai".

Friends and Allies

  • Todd Capybara: Mikey constructed Todd's Cuddle Cakes Puppy Rescue alongside Donnie in "Repo Mantis" and considers Todd to be his friend. He is the only Turtle seen hanging out with him beyond being forced to or meeting by coincidence and made a meal for both of them in "Nothing But Truffle".
  • Mayhem: Mikey thought Mayhem's appearance was quite bizarre when he first encountered him in "Mystic Mayhem" and cares for him, sympathizing with his plight of being trapped in a mirror in "Mystic Library".
  • S.H.E.L.L.D.O.N.: Mikey was the first to feel sour about S.H.E.L.L.D.O.N.'s favoritism towards Donnie and altered his programming to be more like him, Leo, and Raph. He quite likes S.H.E.L.L.D.O.N., in some ways more than Donnie as expressed in "The Purple Game". Mikey was sympathetic towards his anguish involving Donnie in "Breaking Purple" and tried to get him to understand S.H.E.L.L.D.O.N.'s perspective, encouraging Donnie to be gentler towards him.
  • Señor Hueso: Mikey likes Hueso and was willing to become a waiter for his restaurant in "You Got Served". When the MoB bosses offered compensation for hurting Hueso, he declined the offer and saved him from their assault.
  • DIGG: Mikey tried to stop DIGG from destroying New York pizza parlors in "Pizza Pit", but was friendly towards them when he realized that they merely wanted to perform their music publicly.
    • Groundhog: Mikey found Groundhog's love for saying "dig" quite annoying and fought against her in their final confrontation.
  • Marcus Moncrief: Mikey deeply admires Marcus Moncrief's work in the Jupiter Jim franchise and is often thrilled to interact with him.
  • Red Fox: Mikey seems to have respect for Red Fox and sought her out to reunite her with Marcus Moncrief in "Sidekick Ahoy!".
  • Stanley / Bullhop: Mikey is the one who tells Bullhop off for his bad behavior in "Bullhop" and when he turns out to be a good teammate, Mikey states that he is willing to kick Donnie out of the Mad Dogs for him to join instead.
  • Franken-Foot: Though initially eager to destroy Franken-Foot, Mikey's attitude swiftly changed once Raph admitted his fondness for him and Mikey changed Franken-Foot's emblem from the Foot Clan to the Turtle emblem to solidify his new alliance. When him and Leo were being pursued by Piebald in "Flushed, but Never Forgotten", Mikey tried to pull Franken-Foot to safety, but was unsuccessful.
  • Sunita: Mikey has not been shown interacting with Sunita, but as a dear friend of April's, Mikey most likely has little issue with her.
  • Cassandra Jones / Foot Recruit: Mikey was the first Mad Dog to meet Foot Recruit in "Hot Soup: The Game" when they fought over a ownership of a video game. Despite being allied to opposing clans, Mikey can relate to Foot Recruit in terms of wanting to complete a solo mission. He refers to her as a "frenemy" in "How to Make Enemies and Bend People to Your Will". They finally became allies in the season 2 finale, "Rise".


  • Albearto: Mikey fought against Albearto's robot army when he gave them sentience in "Al Be Back" and performed a song with his brothers to prompt the Albeartos' widespread destruction.
  • Robot Vampire: Mikey fought Robot Vampire after she and her group of mutant crooks stole him and his brothers' money meant to be spent on Splinter in "Mascot Melee".
  • Big Mama: Mikey initially found Big Mama quite charming when he first met her in "Bug Busters", but after realizing that she wanted to kidnap him and his brothers and force them to work as the Battle Nexus' rodeo clowns, his opinion on her soured and he now considers her an enemy.
  • Gus: Mikey distracted Gus with a tennis ball when he found his target of pursuit, Leo, throwing it down the hall so he and his brothers could continue their escape from the Grand Nexus Hotel. He later succeeded in stealing his ID tag from his collar in "The Ancient Art of Hide and Seek".
  • The Foot Clan: The Foot clan are the sworn enemy of the Hamato Clan.
  • Repo Mantis: Mikey was willing to repossess others' loaned items for Repo in order to own the Jupiter Jim Moon Buggy he had on his salvage lot in "Repo Mantis". However, Mikey ended up successfully stealing the vehicle from him when he backed out on their deal and has been his enemy since. In "The Evil League of Mutants", Mikey fought and defeated Repo using a weaponized ladder. He later posed as a junk mogul to deceive Repo into allowing him and his brothers to search for a piece of the Kuroi Yōroi in "One Man's Junk".
  • Mrs. Nubbins: Mikey recaptured Mrs. Nubbins in "One Man's Junk" after she was accidentally released from her enclosure by Raph and Leo and attempted to eat Repo.
  • President Pepperoni: Mikey used a Skee-Ball machine at Albearto's to defeat President Pepperoni when Albearto made him and Cheery Tomato sentient.
  • Baxter Stockboy: Mikey is an avid watcher of Baxter's video-sharing channel, meeting him in "The Gumbus" and foiling his haunted grocery store hoax. When Baxter was framing him and his brothers as menaces in "The Mutant Menace", Mikey was enthusiastic about performing acts of kindness around New York to turn his family's image around. He ruined Baxter's plan to publicly reveal him and his brothers' identities by forcibly rerouting the Turtle Tank's path of travel out of sight of the crowd Baxter had attracted.
  • Mezmer-Ron / Hypno-Potamus: Mikey fooled Hypno into believing he was a fellow hippopotamus being wearing a disguise in "Newsworthy", but he quickly grew wise to his scheme.
  • Mrs. Cuddles: Mikey didn't believe that Mrs. Cuddles was sentient despite Raph's vehement warnings and was captured by her while skateboarding with Leo, his ceaseless screaming granting her increased power.
  • Ghostbear: Mikey attended what would have been Ghostbear's 200th wresting match victory alongside his brothers in "Shell in a Cell" and assisted Raph and Leo when they were losing the fight against him. Mikey later engaged in a vehicular chase on the Shell Hogs to reclaim his and his brothers' stolen DVD from Ghostbear in "Late Fee", deceiving him into returning it on-time. His family day-out at a park was ruined by Ghostbear in "Snow Day" and he worked to defeat him alongside the other Mad Dogs.
  • The Sando Brothers: Mikey sought to defeat the Sando Brothers after him and his brothers discovered they were disrupting a school field trip in "The Evil League of Mutants", but was unable to defeat them. Despite being enemies, he later saved the Sando Brothers in "Man vs. Sewer" from being cooked by Raph in his Savage Raph state.
  • Warren Stone: Mikey found the prospect of Warren being a worm with the ability to speak exciting in "Newsworthy", but never remembers who he is.
  • The Purple Dragons: Mikey had to fight the Purple Dragons' rampaging mech unknowingly piloted by Donnie in "The Purple Game", but was unable to take it down in the end.
  • Rupert Swaggart / Meat Sweats: Mikey calls Rupert Swaggart his "personal hero" and used to often watch his cooking show Kondescending Kitchen when he was human. However, he is aware that Meat Sweats was a mean person before his mutation, but watched and loved him anyway for the entertainment and educational value. He was very happy to hang out with him in "Nothing But Truffle", but fell for his deception. Regardless, Meat Sweats and his show are still a powerful source of culinary inspiration to Mikey. Later in "Battle Nexus: New York", Mikey had to compete against Meat Sweats to feed a bicephalic snake Yōkai named Amphisbaena in order to prevent getting eaten by it. He and Meat Sweats were able to win the Battle Nexus match—albeit unconventionally—when Amphisbaena ate its other head in its hunger.
  • Huginn & Muninn: Mikey was often in conflict with Huginn and Muninn as henchmen to Draxum as they helped him fulfill his goals.
  • Guardsmen: Mikey fought Garm and Freki in aid of Mayhem as they tried to capture him in "Mystic Mayhem". He later worked with Raph to successfully defeat them when they attempted to take Draxum into their custody in service of the Council of Heads in "Repairin' the Baron".
  • The Makers of Brutality: Mikey waited the Makers of Brutality's table for them as a favor for Hueso.
    • Boss Beverly: Mikey served Beverly and her members at Run of the Mill Pizza and when she became hostile towards him, Leo, and Hueso, defeated her using the swarm of unicorns she gave him in payment of his quality waiting service.
  • Scor-Pion: When Marcus Moncrief and Raph were threatened by Scor-Pion, Mikey staunchly deactivated his explosives and eventually caused him to flee the fight.
  • Harold / Stinkbomb: Mikey met Stinkbomb when he and his brothers broke into a New York botanical garden for fun in "How to Make Enemies and Bend People to Your Will". Mikey was seemingly unable to defeat him, overwhelmed by his noxious spit, and considers Stinkbomb to be simultaneously his "favorite and least favorite mutant".
  • Alex Noe: Mikey snuck into Alex Noe's camp when he and his Tooth Fairies abducted Todd in "Todd Scouts". As he fled his camp accompanied by Todd, Mikey was pursued by them and was struck with their numbing darts.
  • Sloppy Joseph: Mikey assisted April in an effort to capture Sloppy Joseph when he was loose in April's high school during Draxum's career evaluation in "Mystery Meat". However, Mikey was unable to subdue him as Sloppy Joseph's body rapidly grew in size and he was eventually swallowed by him, but was rescued by Draxum along with the other devoured victims.
  • Amphisbaena: Mikey was assigned the left head of Amphisbaena as a Battle Nexus Wizbang opponent in "Battle Nexus: New York" and was tasked to cook meals to feed it before it lost its patience and ate him instead. He managed to make one meal for it, but Amphisbaena's right head ate Mikey's meal before the left head had a chance to.


  • "They look exactly the same! And they don't look like either of those things!" ("Mystic Mayhem")
  • "Man. This seemed like a really good idea until we didn't succeed at it." ("Origami Tsunami")
  • "Roger, skipper." ("Bug Busters")
  • "So you're saying that not only did you destroy everything I love in the world, but you didn't even have the common courtesy to know you were doing it?!" ("Pizza Pit")
  • "It's just a—um, uh, pushy clerk trying to sell me the extended warranty. Heh. I'm not interested!" ("Hot Soup: The Game")
  • "Why am I the pawn?" ("Mind Meld")
  • "No, I'm pretty sure you're a woodchuck." ("Nothing But Truffle")
  • "I must remember how much I hate those guys like twenty times a day." ("Sparring Partner")
  • "Dear me, Armbruster, I just found money in my pocket! Remind me burn this when we get back to the slag lake at Martha's Scrapyard." ("One Man's Junk")
  • "Not the dancing, anything, but the dancing." ("Air Turtle")
  • "Well, I reckon ya did. Shmoo, shmoo." ("Bad Hair Day")


  • Among the TV series incarnations, this version of Mikey is the least goofy and more serious than previous incarnations of himself.
  • While Mikey is specifically an ornate box turtle, box turtles in general possess a hinged shell capable of fully closing using their plastron. This offers higher defense compared to turtle species without hinged shells.[3] This real-life adaptation may be part of the reason why Mikey retreats into his shell far more frequently than his brothers.
  • Mikey calls the color orange his "life color" in "Origami Tsunami".
  • This version of Mikey is the second Turtle in TMNT to be designed with a tooth gap.
  • This is not the first incarnation of Mikey to wield a kusari-fundo in TMNT as in the original Mirage continuity story, "The Passing", his training weapon was also a kusari-fundo.
  • Mikey is revealed to have a close relationship with Leo who takes him under his wing.
  • Mikey's voice actor Brandon Mychal Smith stated in an interview that Mikey likes extreme sports.
  • According to the writers, Mikey is the sweet and loving Turtle of the team.
  • Despite being referred to as a kusari-fundo in the official character releases, Mikey's mystic weapon more closely resembles a chigiriki.
  • One of Mikey's catchphrases is "Omigosh".
  • In real-life, Mikey's species of turtle is terrestrial, unlike his brothers who are all aquatic turtle species.[4]
  • Mikey's gamer tag is "Flavortown" as seen in "Smart Lair".
  • In "Bug Busters" Mikey mentions that he has taken a rodeo clown class.
  • Both Leo and Mikey sport a stylized square-shaped pattern on their carapaces, Leo having three and Mikey having two.
  • Mikey is interested in horoscopes as he mentions the predictions he got for the day in "Late Fee".
  • It was revealed in February 2020 from Rise of the TMNT writer Russ Carney in a Tweet that, "Two characters we looked at when thinking about the direction #rottmnt's Mikey and Donnie should go, were Troy and Abed from Community.".[5][6]
  • Mikey exclusively chooses "scissors" when playing Rock, Paper, Scissors ("The Ancient Art of Ninja Hide and Seek").