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Issue #2 in IDW Publishing's first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro-Series. This issue focuses on Michelangelo.


It's New Year's Eve and Michelangelo is attending a movie marathon. Mikey is entranced with the idea of whatever you do on New Year's Eve setting the stage for the year to come. When he leaves, he decides to take one night off from being a teenage mutant ninja turtle so that he can go to a party and live it up. He knows if he goes straight home, it'll be the same as any other night: Donnie will want help fixing a machine, Leo will make them run drills, and Raph will want to practice fighting and trash-talking. As he's out prowling around, Michelangelo finds a costume party at a museum he can attend. He overhears a guy named Carl making a phone call and say he can't go through with something. Carl takes his wristband off and throws it on the ground; Mikey picks it up and uses it to get into the party. 

Inside, Mikey is mistaken for Carl by a woman in a cat costume. She reminds him that they have somewhere to be and leads him upstairs. On the next floor they meet up with a a man dressed as Zorro, a mime, and a princess. Mikey begins to have suspicions that the group is up to something. The princess locates the security camera and Zorro distracts the guards with a smoke bomb, allowing the cat to take out the cameras with her gun. Mikey is growing more concerned but knows that to get to the bottom of the situation he has to play it cool. Zorro tells "Carl" that it's his turn, and he needs to take out the security sensors surrounding the object they came to steal: the Dresden, a large green diamond. Mikey, not having any idea how to hack the security system, uses some jargon he heard Donnie spout to bluff through. Zorro says they'll simply have to wake a guard and torture the security code out of him. The cat says that stealing is one thing but torture is another. Zorro says he steals and he kills a lot, and the threat of going to jail doesn't scare him: the man who hired them to steal the Dresden, that's who scares him.

Mikey tells them not to worry and uses his finely-tuned ninja skills gained from running drills with Leo to get past the security lasers. After making it past the security system undetected, the others in the group begin to have their suspicions about whether it's really Carl. Before grabbing the Dresden, Mikey realizes it would be smarter to just set off the security system now to alert the guards to the theft in progress. However, none of the party goers recognize the sound of the alarm. Zorro thinks that Mikey is an undercover cop and attacks before Mikey can escape out the window. Zorro tells Mikey if he runs, he'll go downstairs and start shooting people. Thinking back to Raph's trash-talking, Mikey taunts Zorro prompting him to drop his gun and take him on in hand-to-hand combat. As Zorro throws the first punch, Mikey pretends to get knocked back and purposefully falls out the window. Zorro tells the mime and the princess to wait in the alley; he's got a hunch. 

Mikey climbs onto the rooftop and is about to call the police when the cat stops him. She reveals she's an undercover cop and she knows he isn't, so she asks who he really is. The cat tells Mikey she's trying to get close to a powerful player in the New York underground, and to do so she needs the Dresden. While they're busy talking, the masked man dressed as Zorro shows up with a group of armed men. For a moment, Mikey thinks about what his brothers would do, what Master Splinter would do. But then he decides that its just him there, and he's got to do what he feels he's got to do. He tells the cat lady to get down and springs into action. Mikey and the cat take out some of the armed men but Zorro manages to take out the cat and then Mikey. Mikey pretends to hand over the Dresden and then punches the man in the face with it. The clock strikes twelve: New Year's Eve ("so dramatic").

Mikey and the cat lady recuperate after the fight. He gives her the Dresden. He tells her his name is Mike; she says her name is Kara. She tells him the man who organized the heist wants the Dresden because of its prolonged exposure to radiation, which gave it its green color. When Kara looks up, Mikey is gone, back on his way home. In the alley down below, the mime and the princess continue to wait. Mikey can't wait to tell his brothers about his night.






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