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Michelangelo’s deteriorating relationship with his father, Splinter, reaches a point of no return! Will Mikey fight those he loves to save those who need him the most?


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Opera gloves and thigh stockings

Michelangelo's outfit in this story.

  • Unusually in this story, the Turtles are all wearing fingerless opera gloves, colored to match their bandanas. Additionally, Leonardo and Michelangelo are wearing toeless thigh-length stockings, also according to their colors.
  • Cover A of the comic is somewhat misleading—no part of the story takes place on a farm, though it is Michelangelo's intention to relocate the orphans to a farm in upstate New York to live with him. In this cover art, he is shown carrying a bag on the end of a stick, an old storytelling trope associated with runaways, and also isn't wearing the gloves and stockings he wears in the pages.
  • In this story, Clan Hamato is instead called the "Hamato Clan," the first time in the series it has been called that.


  • When talking with Splinter, Leonardo refers to the Earth Protection Force as the "Earth Defense Force"—the first time in the series it has been called that.
  • Michelangelo asks the orphans to call him "Sensei Mikey." But unlike with the title "master," people addressed by name with the title "sensei" are referred to with "sensei" coming after the name, in which case the form of address should be "Mikey-sensei."


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