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The Green Menace

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David Robinson
Massimo Belardinelli

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Michael Meebly was a botanist who journeyed into the Congo to find a rare fruit that would allow anyone who ate it to commune with the plant world. Meebly stole a piece and ate too much, gaining psychic control over plants. He then made a costume and became an eco-terrorist, calling himself Father Nature.

Meebly goes to New York City and starts causing havoc. April O'Neil goes to report on a flower show, and Meebly has a giant vine snatch her up. The Hero Turtles see this on television, and run out to rescue her. They succeed, but then get word that a giant tree has sprung up downtown. While they investigate this, Meebly sends a vine to take a VHS tape to the police. They play it on TV, and it shows "Father Nature" demanding $10 million to be delivered to the Botanical Gardens by midnight, or he'll take over the city with his plants.

The Turtles rush to the gardens to stop him in lieu of the cash being ponied up, and April tags along to snag some footage. She ends up being caught but a venus flytrap, but Donatello hits Meebly so hard with his that the villain suffers amnesia, and is incapable of rembering not only how to control plants, but also who he is. Nevertheless, the NYPD haul him off.

Powers and abilities

  • Botany: Before losing his mind, Meebly was an astute botanist and an expert in all things plant. He became enamored with the idea of communicating with plants so he could better understand them, and so sought this mystical fruit which would allow this.
  • Chlorokinesis: Eating the fruit gave Meebly what the story describes as "psychic control" over plants. He essentially is able to force plants to do his bidding at every level including growth and shape manipulation.

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