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Biographical information

New Zealand (originally)
New York City, Earth (currently)


Mezmer-Ron (formerly)
Dr. J.R. Fakename




Flight (with magic doves)

Weapon(s) of choice

Telekinetic-controlled chakras
Spells transformed into weapons
Razor-sharp magician hoops




The Evil League of Mutants (formerly)
Warren Stone (best friend / roommate / magical assistant / brother / "it's complicated" / love interest)

Physical description

Human-born mutant hippopotamus



Eye color

Light brown (as human)
Red with yellow sclera (as mutant)

Out of universe information
First appearance
Voiced by
Teachers and Students
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In Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Hypno-Potamus (formerly known as Mezmer-Ron) is a stage magician who was mutated into a hippopotamus. He is an opponent of the Mad Dogs, and the roommate and love interest to fellow antagonist Warren Stone.

Physical appearance


Mezmer-Ron is a short plump human with caramel skin, light brown eyes, black hair, eyebrows and goatee. He wears a pink turban with a red-rimmed black stone, a purple dress coat, white shirt with a red bow tie and sash, white gloves, dark blue pants and black dress shoes. He also has a gold hoop earring on his left ear.


Hypno-Potamus is a large mutant hippo with dark grey skin and yellow eyes with red pupils. He retains his black hair and goatee, and wears the same outfit he wore prior to his mutation.


Unlike any other foe the Mad Dogs have faced, Mezmer-Ron is very diligent and talkative.

Mezmer-Ron, like any other antagonists, he enjoys anarchy and prior to meeting Warren Stone and onward. Mezmer-Ron likes surprises and upon Draxum was going to kill his roommate he had sensitive spot for him.


Hypno-Potamus was previously a successful stage magician and hypnotist by the name of Mezmer-Ron, who performed magic tricks with a hippopotamus named Doug. During a performance he was mutated after being stung and injected with ooze by one of Baron Draxum's Oozesquitoes, which the Mad Dogs and April O'Neil had accidentally released into the city. Because of the presence of his animal partner Mezmer-Ron transformed into a humanoid hippopotamus and began stealing the signature animals of other stage magicians.

The Mad Dogs attempted to capture him using a hippo costume and the scent of a female hippo. Hypno-Potamus found them just as Warren Stone was trying to entrap and kill them, and attempted to romance a hippo-suited Michelangelo. When the ruse was revealed, he began battling the Mad Dogs, and eventually used his hypnotic powers to mesmerize them. He tried to kill Michelangelo first, but was thwarted by Warren, who used his blue jewel to reflect the hypnotic power back at Hypno-Potamus. This put Hypno-Potamus in a trance, allowing the Mad Dogs to capture him.

Since then, Hypno-Potamus has been pursuing every successful illusionist out of pure envy, or trying to trump his competition (often with very definitive methods). He is also looking for a way to somehow bring Doug back to life, who has disappeared since his mutation. Such as in "Stuck on You", when he plans to use the First Witch's powers to resurrect Doug.

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Hypno-Potamus has the ability to put his enemies in a trance with hypnotic powers, which he unleashes by shouting "Mezmer-Roo!". He levitates and manipulates objects like several metal hoops, which are often used in magic tricks.

He also possesses a large degree of superhuman strength and durability due to his hippo DNA, but focuses on using his powers in his battles over his new found physical strength.



  • The Mad Dogs and April O'Neil: Hypno-Potamus is usually an enemy of the Mad Dogs. But after Baron Draxum attacked him and Warren Stone in "Warren & Hypno, Sitting in a Tree", Hypno initially agreed with Draxum to let Hypno and Warren go free if they helped capture the Mad Dogs and hand over Warren's gauntlet Charlotte. But Draxum went back on his word and seized everyone. When it was clear Draxum would kill Warren, Hypno struck up a temporary alliance with the Mad Dogs to save Warren's life. Once Warren was safe, Hypno parted with April and the Mad Dogs in peace and took Warren home. Hypno was an enemy of the Mad Dogs again in his subsequent appearances.
  • Baron Draxum: Hypno was one of Draxum's recruits for the Evil League of Mutants, and they were briefly allies. But they have become enemies as of "Warren & Hypno, Sitting in a Tree", since Draxum attacked the apartment he shares with Warren Stone to seize Warren's gauntlet Charlotte, then later walked back an agreement with Hypno to spare Warren's life in exchange for the Mad Dogs and the gauntlet, and then tried to execute Warren in front of Hypno. After this, Hypno furiously fought Draxum in defense of Warren's life. Hypno was never shown allying himself with Draxum again.



Hypno: "Whanganui!"

Hypno: (reaching for hand) Warren!!!
Warren: (reaching for hand) Hypno!!!
Hypno: Warren!!!
Warren: Hypno!!!
(hands fail to reach)

Hypno: Please, you must save Warren! I'm a—I'm a terrible roomie—I cheat on the chore chart, he pretends not to notice, but he does, I know he does...

Hypno: That's my Warren! Oh, it's good to have you back roomie, slash magical assistant, slash friend. (kisses Warren's cheek) Doves! (summons doves) Let's go make fun of game show contestants on TV!


  • His human stage name, "Mezmer-Ron," is a play-on the word "mesmerize", which is also a synonym of the word "hypnotize".
  • He is an experienced juggler.
  • Hypno-Potamus has a running gag of recalling several landmarks and cultural references to New Zealand, the home country for his voice actor, Rhys Darby.
  • Hypno-Potamus has shown a romantic interest in both men and women, implying that he is either bisexual or pansexual.
    • In "Newsworthy", after falling for a hippo, unaware that it's really Mikey in disguise, he called "her", "future Mrs. Hypno-Potamus". When the ruse was revealed, Hypno called Mikey a "lovely trickster."
    • "Warren and Hypno, Sitting in a Tree" reveals that Hypno and Warren Stone have developed romantic feelings for each other since becoming roommates.
  • Hypno has beef with a magician named Noah Sheck in "Hypno Part Deux"



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