Metalhead Rewired
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012 TV Series) episode
Season Code: 211
Episode: 37
Original airdate February 23, 2014
Written by Peter DiCicco
Directed by Alan Wan
Voice Direction Andrea Romano
Supervising Director  Ciro Nieli
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"Fungus Humungous" "Of Rats and Men"

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 2
October 12, 2013 - September 27, 2014
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"Metalhead Rewired" is the eleventh episode of the second season of the 2012 TV series, and the thirty-seventh episode overall in the series. It first aired on February 23rd, 2014.


When Donatello upgrades Metalhead's artificial intelligence, he must decide if he can trust a sentient Metalhead, or if he has created a new foe.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


The episode opens up with Metalhead's point of view, observing the four Turtles looking at him. Donatello then reveals to his brothers that he has vastly upgraded Metalhead's A.I. in order for him to effectively work alongside the Turtles (and listen to their every command). Donnie has also apparently programmed him with the ability to successfully simulate dozens of fighting styles and abilities, such as that of both the Foot Clan and the Kraang. After some banter and a brief training session, Metalhead's improved fighting skills are noted to be VERY effective - after the robot is shown to easily prevail against all four of the brothers at once in combat, much to even Master Splinter's surprise, whom also has several choice words with Donnie and tells him that he must be sure to use his creation wisely (and not allow it to go over the top and become hostile towards the other Turtles).

When one of the security wires is randomly tripped outside and sets off Metalhead's vocal alarm, the Turtles quickly set out to check who could be near the entrance to their lair, only to discover a very frenzied Spider Bytez being chased down by three armed Kraang droids there...Despite Spider Bytez pleading for the Turtles to possibly save him, he is captured by the Kraang up on the surface before he can explain at all what happened. Thanks to Donatello, however, Metalhead is already prepared for taking immediate action against this and he quickly arrives within the Shellraiser (using his degree of independence that was granted to him) in order to chase down the Kraang's truck (Leo is curious about what the Kraang could be up to, because it could wind up relating to them, as it often does).

After they catch up to the Kraang and their vehicle, quite a lengthy fight ensues on the streets, and Metalhead finally manages to crash into the Kraang's getaway after a short while. However, when the Turtles get out and mobolize to investigate, they realize that the vehicle and Spider Bytez have both disappeared inside of a large parking gargage (or a secret Kraang warehouse). While investigating the crash site for clues, Leonardo begins to show what seem to be signs of jealously towards Metalhead's brand new usefulness....When Michelangelo starts tugging on a nearby vending machine and accidentally locating what seems to be an obscure 'Kraang computer' behind it, Donnie instructs Metalhead to try and gain access into it's database to find any sort of potentially useful info, only to wind up destroying it entirely and harming himself, giving him the scorn of the other Turtles.

Back at the lair, Donatello diagnoses Metalhead's condition and states that he can only be fully repaired after "a while". Metalhead's lengthy repairs, however, begin to quickly eat away at the other Turtles's patience, until Leonardo finally orders Donatello to shut down Metalhead's A.I., informing Donatello that Metalhead is just too dangerous and unpredictable to use at the stage that he is in. Metalhead, however, overhears Leonardo's conversation and, very unwilling to be shut down, it locks all of the Turtles inside Donatello's lab and rapidly leaves somewhere...After being set free by Splinter, the Turtles quickly set off in the Shellraiser to find Metalhead, under the impression that it has gone rogue. Upon finding the robot using a tracking device that Donnie had managed to install, Metalhead steps into a Port-a-potty and disappears into it, much to the Turtles' utter confusion...To their luck, Michelangelo is somehow able to reveal that the port-a-potty actually has what appears to be a portal inside of it, which proceeds to suck them all into it.

Inside the portal, the Turtles discover that it leads to a secluded base that belongs to none other than The Kraang. The base also acts as a makeshift prison for every single one of the Mutants that had faced the Turtles in both the recent and distant past, all of which include; Snakeweed, Spider Bytez, Dr. Tyler Rockwell's mutated form, Pete, Justin, Spy-Roach, The Parasitic Wasps, Kirby O'Neil's mutated form, The Squirrelanoids, and Slash. The Turtles also notice Metalhead at the main computer of the base, revealing that Metalhead was actually on their side all along and that he is trying to both gain the Turtles' absolute trust and trying to rescue the other Mutants.

The Kraang, however, quickly catch on to this plan, and both the Turtles and Metalhead then work side by side to stop the invading droids. Despite the brief interference of both a brainwashed Snakeweed and Spider Bytez, Metalhead manages to rescue the Turtles, releases all of the captured Mutants from their numerous chambers, and manages to re-open the portal back to Earth. Despite the Mutants and the Turtles being able to escape, Metalhead is not able to leave, due to him being the only one to keep the portal operational and open. Despite the pleas of the Turtles, Metalhead orders them to leave, as there is not one other choice. After saying goodbye to Donatello for one very last time, Metalhead chooses to attack the main computer system there, destroying several Kraang droids nearby, along with himself in a rather big implosion.

Back on Earth, the Turtles find out that all that remains of Metalhead now is just his completely inactive head (which actually came up through the Portal along with them). Donatello then remarks that he ended up sacrificing himself to save all of them, even though he was not even programmed to do such advanced things....Leonardo then apologizes to Donatello for not trusting Metalhead so much, and the Turtles give a moment of silence for their fallen robotic ally, though Donatello hints that he might indeed repair Metalhead -- someday in the near future...


Donatello: I give you, the new and improved Metalhead!
Michelangelo: Woah…
Donatello: I've been upgrading his artificial intelligence so he'll be the perfect training tool.
Leonardo: You sure? Training with Metalhead usually ends in him breaking something.
Donatello: I've programmed him to simulate dozens of fighting styles, including the Foot and the Kraang.
Michelangelo: Psh… You can't simulate MY fighting style!
Raphael: Let's just GO already!

-Metalhead's hand lets go of Mikey-
Michelangelo: Ugh, I think he put my chin on my nose…
Donatello: Sorry, Sensei… But overall, I'd say that was a pretty successful test!
Leonardo: Successful?! Metalhead almost ripped Mikey's face off!
Donatello: Puh-leeze, I had it all under control.

Spider Bytez: AAHH! You frogs gotta help! Those darn triplets are after me!
Leonardo: We are not FROGS! Wait, what…?

Michelangelo: It's like a vending machine… from the future.
Donatello: A Kraang computer! Mikey, you're a genius!
Michelangelo: That's how I roll!

Leonardo: Great, Donnie! Great! Not only did we lose the Kraang, but Metalhead blew up our only clue to where they went!
Michelangelo: Even worse, he blew up my super macho burrito!

Donatello: Metalhead's memory core isn't too badly damaged. Stoppit, Mikey. It seems the Kraang security algorithms were too complex to decrypt.
Raphael: Less science-y, more english-y.

Leonardo: Donnie… You GOTTA shut down his AI.
Donatello: Shut down his AI? But that would be like turning off his brain!
Leonardo: He's just too dangerous!
Donatello: We NEED him, Leo! The Kraang and the Foot are armed up more than ever…
Leonardo: It's not worth the risk. Metalhead was glitchy BEFORE he plugged into that Kraang computer. He was taken over by the Kraang once, already. Are you SURE you can trust him?
Donatello: -sighs- Maybe you're right… I'll take care of it…
Leonardo: Sorry, Donnie…

Michelangelo: AH! Help! Help! Somebody! Killer robot on the loose!
Raphael: What are you DOING? You don't want Splinter to--
-door opens, showing Splinter-
Splinter: Do you boys have any idea what TIME it is?
Michelangelo: Uh… Pizza time?
Splinter: Why was the door locked?
Leonardo: Heh heh… Ah, you know…
Donatello: Just messing around…
Raphael: No reason…
Michelangelo: Metalhead tried to kill us!
-his brothers glare at him-
Splinter: Leonardo…
Leonardo: The truth is, Sensei… we gotta meet April! At Murakami's! Big, mutant… sushi problem! We'll be back before dawn! Don't wait up for us!
Splinter: -sighs- Teenagers…

Donatello: -after Mikey opens the portal- How did you DO that?
Michelangelo: I just got the touch. LTD, Like a Turtle Do.

Mind-controlled Spider Bytez:The ones who are turtles, that I call frogs, must be DESTROYED!

Kraang-droid: Destroy all mutants.

Raphael: So what do we do, Fearless Leader?
Leonardo: I'm open to suggestions!

Kraang-droid: The device, that is the control device, is no longer in control. (Snakeweed and Spider Bytez beat up the Kraang)
Spider Bytez: Frogs, are you getting me out of here or do I gotta do it myself?! (some Kraang-droids appear to capture the Turtles and the two mutants until Metalhead destroys the Kraang)
Donatello: Metalhead, see if you can open a portal. We're getting out of here!
Leonardo: Right! All of us, mutants too! (Metalhead opens all of the cells with a Parasitica Wasp, Squirrelanoid, Kirby Bat and Spy-Roach peeking out. Then the portal opens)
Donatello: Metalhead did it! He opened the portal! (Slash sees that his cell has opened with two Kraang-droids seeing that he's free)
Slash: (laughs) My turn. (punches a Kraang-droid as Rockwell, Newtralizer and a Squirrelanoid escape) Keep me prisoner?! (throws another Kraang-droid at another as he shouts)

Kraang-droid: The machine that opened the portal must close the portal! (one of the mutant wasps tries to get to the portal, but gets knocked out of the air and crashes on the ground, killing it)
Donatello: Metalhead, you've got to keep the portal open! (Metalhead nods)

Donatello: (after saving Kirby Bat) Mr. O'Neil, fly out of here, please. (Kirby Bat turns to see the portal) For April, go now! (Kirby Bat quickly flies to the portal)

Leonardo: Metalhead, we're leaving!
Raphael: C'mon, you tin can! Move!
Metalhead: -beeps-
Donatello: He has to keep it open for us…
Leonardo: But, what about him?
Donatello: We don't have a choice…

Donatello: Metalhead… Oh, no…
Michelangelo: Dude! He saved us!
Leonardo: He saved ALL of us… You were right, Donnie. I should've trusted you.
Donatello: I programmed him to be intelligent, but… I didn't realize how much he had evolved…
Michelangelo: Donnie… I'm sorry about Metalhead, bro. I didn't really mind it when he grabbed my face. His hands were soft… for a robot.
Donatello: Thanks, Mikey.
Leonardo: You think you'll try building another Metalhead?
Donatello: Maybe I will… One day…


  • When Metalhead attempts to hack the Kraang system and gets shocked it is very similar to the scene in Star Wars when R2D2 plugs into an outlet instead of an interface (due to C3PO's inability to tell the difference). Metalhead makes the exact same shrieking sound as R2D2 did.
  • On the back of the Port-a-Potty Portal there's a spray-painted "42!", which in the The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is said to be "The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything".
  • The vending machine had many odd potato chip flavors: "sesame crab", "scab n' sausage", "chipotle dandruff", "menthol", "aluminum", "mucous & chives", "salt n' sweat", and "milky beef".
  • Metalhead constantly grabbing Mikey by the face is a gag that relates to Mikey's friend, Leatherhead, grabbing Donnie by the face in previous episodes.
  • The mechanic's shop visited in this episode has the same general layout as the mechanic's shop featured in Operation: Break Out.
  • Mutagen Man can be seen in the background of Donnie's lab, still frozen.



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