Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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Donatello "C'mon, Donnie... You're way smarter than this."

Donnie "You know this."

Donnie "Okay. Custom operating system installed? Check."

Donnie "CPU firmware up to date? Chiggity check."


Donnie "Internal battery has a current. Good. This is good."


Donnie "Secure hard drive encasement? Tight."


Donnie "Okay, Donnie. This is it. It's gonna work, okay? It's gotta work."

Donnie "1... 2... 3..."



Donnie "...Work!"

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Donnie "Annnnd it didn't work."

Donnie "{Sigh}"

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Donnie "It has to be a problem with the button. I went over everything a hundred times."

Donnie "Rebuilt the internal network. My code is flawless. Everything should be operational. I think?"

Donnie "If only I had the processing power and speed like this again."

Donnie "...The one thing I miss about my time inside this body."


Donnie "Metalhead? Can you hear me?"

Donnie "C'mon already!"

Metalhead "Initiating online sequence."


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Donnie "I knew it would work! Metalhead, run program "welcome home." "

Donnie "Let's get you all set up for security around here."

Metalhead "Emergency sequence—engaging..."

Donnie "Metalhead? What are you... Metalhead, stop."


Donnie "Must be some kind of hidden self-defense protocol... Harold's old programming still inside!"

Donnie "My upgrade should be able to override it."

Metalhead "Emergency sequence—"

Donnie "Authorize code: Delta-lima-rho-mu."

Donnie "Emergency sequence override."

Page 5

Leonardo "Donnie?"

Michelangelo "What the heck's goin' on here?"

Donnie "Ohhh, hey, guys! Sorry about the noise. It's all good here."

Donnie "Just a little... Hiccup with the restart."

Mikey "Whooooa, Metalhead's working!"

Mikey "What's up, robo-dude? Hello?"

Donnie "Without me in there, it lacks a little personality. I'm still figuring that part out."

Raphael "Still impressive considering it was blown to smithereens."

Leo "I'm just glad you made progress. We were starting to get a little worried we'd never see you again."

Raph "Why spend so much time on this old clunker? You seem in—mostly—fine working order, Donnie."

Donnie "Harold won't touch us with a pole of any length, so I realized I have to up my tech-game. We can really use all the extra help we can get."

Donnie "Who better to fix up a robot than the guy who was the robot?"

Page 6

Leo "I gotta admit, Donnie—having this extra sciencey oomph will totally make a difference on patrols."

Raph "And security. This thing fully functional?"

Donnie "Yeah! Well, sorta. The old processing chip was pretty damaged, but I was able to build around it."

Donnie "Turns out there may be some original programming in there, like that self-defense response that blasted a hole in the wall."

Donnie "He's under my command now, though. Just gotta work out a couple bugs."


Raph "Donnie, are you doing this?"

Leo "Or is this one of those bugs?"

Donnie "Authorize code: Delta-lima-rho-mu."

Donnie "Authorize code—oh crap. It's not working."

Mikey "This is so cool!"

Leo "Umm, it actually isn't, Mikey!"

Metalhead "Guys?"

Metalhead "Guys! It's me..."

Page 7

Donatello (Metalhead) "...Donatell... Oh."

Donnie (M) "Whoa. But I'm..."

Donnie (Turtle) "But you're... How? How are you you?"

Donnie (M) "How are you me?"

Leo "Donnie, what's going on? Is he really...?"

Donnie (T) "I have no clue."

Donnie (T) "I've seen a lot of crazy things lately. Things I can't begin to explain."

Donnie (T) "Whether that is or isn't me inside Metalhead..."

Donnie (T) "...I've got some major science to do."

Page 8


Donnie (T) "Amazing, you really are me. I mean, you're you—we're both... Us."

Donnie (T) "When Harold and Fugitoid uploaded my consciousness into your body, it was converted into data. Information."

Donnie (T) "The computer did what it was meant to do. Backing up files. Cloning data. Copying."

Donnie (T) "If my hypothesis is correct, that would explain why you're here now."

Donnie (T) "I built your new programming around Harold's very damaged tech."

Donnie (T) "But somehow, my—sorry... Your—consciousness survived."

Donnie (M) "Wait, you're saying I'm not really real? I'm just a copy-paste?"

Donnie (M) "No. Nononono, that's not true. This is a dream. A bad dream."

Donnie (T) "You're very real. Trust me, I've been where you are."

Donnie (T) "In a way, it's like I'm... Your future you?"

Donnie (T) "My great friend, Professor Honeycutt, he helped me when I was like you."

Donnie (T) "He told me that a soul can exist within technology."

Donnie (T) "Sometimes, there's things science and numbers just can't explain."

Donnie (T) "How do you feel?"

Donnie (M) "I feel... Confused? I feel like I know everything and nothing, all at the same time."

Donnie (M) "Also, I feel like my back should hurt. But I don't remember why. Everything's kinda blurry and... Jumbled."

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"Yeah. I know those feels. Professor Honeycutt and Professor Lilja told me I would experience 'phantom pains' from Rocksteady's assault—the attack that put me—us—in Metalhead's body."

Donnie (T) "Do you remember the fight?"

Donnie (M) "I-I don't... I don't know. There's so much going on inside my brain right now. It's just constantly spinning. Calculating."

(Donnie (M)) "But I can't seem to focus on anything at all."

(Donnie (T)) "I suspect it's a side effect of the explosion. Heck, it's a scientific miracle you're even here in physical form."

Donnie (M) "Explosion?"

Donnie (T) "It's kinda telling really—even against the odds, you've managed to survive."

Donnie (M) "Telling of what?"

Donnie (T) "You have an incredible will inside you, dude. That's something that can't be programmed."

Donnie (T) "Look, I know you've probably got a ton of questions, but mind if we do a few tests?"

Page 10

Donnie (T) "My favorite topping is gr—"

Donnie (M) "—Green pepper."

Donnie (T) "I really wanna go to P—"

Donnie (M) "Paris, France."

Donnie (T) "All right, one time, Mikey fell down a manwhole after tripping over a..."

Donnie (M) "...No idea. Checkmate!"

Donnie (T) "Your physical control of your body is awesome."

Donnie (T) "Much better than mine when I was in there."

Donnie (M) "Do you still remember a lot of it?"

Donnie (T) "I'll never forget. That cold feeling."

Donnie (T) "Like being suspended in endless air, just waiting to fall, even though my feet were heavy on the ground."

Donnie (M) "I'm all over the place, emotionally. This damaged chip is really taking me for a spin."

Donnie (M) "I just feel this—this weird urgency... Like I'm just waiting for something, but I don't know what."

Page 11

[Several hours later.]

Donnie (M) "I need to get out of here and do something. How much more testing do you need?"

Donnie (T) "I just wanna be sure that you're... You know... Okay."

Donnie (M) "It's just starting to sink in that I'm in a robot body, talking to the real me in my real body."

Mikey "Hey, you two still nerdin' it up in here? Watch says it's pie-o-clock, so I brought you a pizza!"

Mikey "Well... Most of a pizza. It was a long walk, and, uh, I needed to do some "quality control." "

Donnie (M) "Oh, man. Pizza. I'm so hungry."

Mikey "Help yourself, Metal-Don. Wait, can you even eat? If not, can I have your slice?"

Mikey "Raph, Leo, and I are going out for patrol now. You should come with, dude. Get some air, stretch the ol' legs."

Donnie (T) "I feel like I'm really breaking ground with..."Metal-Don," you said? Hah. Nice."

Donnie (T) "You guys go without me. I don't wanna really leave him alone. At least not tonight."

Mikey "Suit yourself, science bros. Later, Metal-Don!"

Donnie (T) "Hungry, huh? Circadian rhythm. Like a reminder for your body. It'll pass."

Metal-Don "Yeah. Whatever. Look... No more tests tonight, 'kay?"

Page 12

Raph "I don't like any of that "thinking computer" stuff. It just gets me on edge."

Raph "The things we've had to deal with involving technology—Krang, the Technodrome, Stockman's toys. I just don't trust it."

Mikey "I dunno, Raph. Metal-Don seems pretty chill. Plus, like, he technically is Donnie."

Leo "When our brother was in there, it was him. We can't explain it—heck, Fugitoid couldn't explain it."

Leo "But Donnie is in his own body, where he belongs. That robot in the lab? It just thinks it's Donnie."

Mikey "Metal-Don is real, dude. He has feelings. We bonded. Over pizza. That means something. That's, like, a test for living things."

Mikey "When was the last time you saw Donnie this excited—this happy—since his accident?"

Leo "That's why I'm concerned, Mikey. Donnie's been through so much. I don't know if he's ever truly come to terms with everything."

Leo "When if Metal-Don dredges up some pretty heavy stuff for him?"

Raph "Besides, you saw it attack Donnie back in the lab."

Mikey "You of all people should know a thing or to about programming and attacking your friends, Leo."

Mikey "Metal-Don is Donatello. There's things beyond metal parts that even he can't prove."

(Mikey) "That's what separates us from machines—a soul."

Leo "Why do I get the feeling this is going to be a "thing." "

Page 13


Donnie (T) "{Snffk} H-Huh?"

Donnie (T) "Dang. Must've passed out."

Donnie (T) "Sorry, man. Unlike you, I still need sleep—"

Donnie (T) "—Metal-Don?"

Donnie (T) "There you are."

Metal-Don "No."

Metal-Don "No, I don't think so."

Metal-Don "But, I can't right now. It's—"

Donnie (T) "Hey, Metal-Don! Uhh, who're you talking to?"

Metal-Don "Oh. No one? I was just processing. Trying to access archives. I think."

Metal-Don "I'm glad you finally got some rest. Totally jealous. It's weird... I feel tired, but have no desire to sleep."

Page 14

Donnie (T) "At least you had Mikey's video game to keep you occupied."

Metal-Don "I guess. I beat the game. Five times."

Donnie (T) "Hey, you all right, man? Do you need anything? Oil, or a tune up—"

Metal-Don "Honestly, no. All this processing has been a nightmare. It's opened my eyes to a lot of things."

Metal-Don "Seeing you in front of me just hits home that I'm never going to be anything more than this."

Metal-Don "You're in my body. I'm trapped in here."

Donnie (T) "Believe it or not, I met a future version of us—of me. And, man, was it grim."

Donnie (T) "But I learned something. I learned that I was still different than him. What I saw before me wasn't some unchangeable truth."

Donnie (T) "I second-guessed everything for a while, but I grew up and changed what I thought was certainty."

Donnie (T) "He was so different than me. He wasn't me. And we can't predict the future."

Donnie (T) "We just have to take what's in front of us head on."

Donnie (T) "You're not a copy. And you're not me. You're real, and you're you."

Donnie (T) "The guys would kill me, but c'mon..."

Donnie (T) "...I've got a surprise for you!"

Page 15

Donnie (T) "Hoooo-leee yeah-hah!"

Metal-Don "Dude, I can go so fast! Hahaah!"


Donnie (T) "Not bad for your first night on the town, huh?"

Metal-Don "Gotta admit—this feels good!"

Page 16

Donnie (T) "I don't care who you are or how many times you've seen it—there's nothing quite like this city."

Metal-Don "It's beautiful. Almost like it's... Alive."

Donnie (T) "We really should head back, though."

Metal-Don "But I don't want to."

Donnie (T) "There's this test I want to run, and the guys will—"

Metal-Don "I said I don't want to leave!"

Metal-Don "I want to be free. I want out of this thing."

Metal-Don "I'm sorry. I'm just..."

Donnie (T) "Don't be. I know, dude, it's not fair. I'm going to help you however I can."

Donnie (T) "Let's get home so I can figure that out."

Donnie (T) "But... I've got one more thing on the way that I think you'll like."

Page 17

Donnie (T) "The zoo! Dude, we love the zoo!"

Metal-Don "I remember this! This is—"

Donnie (T) "Don't tell the guys, but sometimes I sneak out and come here. It's peaceful."

Donnie (T) "Like, I can kinda hang out with all these folks and feel at ease. Even though they can't talk."

Donnie (T) "Figured this might help you—y'know—maybe feel your roots a little."

Metal-Don "Yeah. Yeah, maybe you're right."

Metal-Don "Hey there, fella."

Rhinoceros "{Urrfff}"

Metal-Don "You doing okay in here, buddy?"

Page 18

Donnie (T) "Hah! Come check this little guy out."

Metal-Don "No. No. Trapped. We're all trapped."

Metal-Don "Gotta..."

Metal-Don "...Be free."

Rhino "{Hurff}"

Donnie (T) "Hey, what are you—"


Donnie (T) "No... Metal-Don, no."

Donnie (T) "What have you done?!"

Page 19

Donnie (T) "Authorize code: Delta-lima-rho-mu. Authorize code: Del—"

Metal-Don "I saved that animal. I set it free. I'd rather be dead than live this way anymore."

Donnie (T) "Dude, please stop! Something's wrong with you!"

Metal-Don "There's a lot wrong."

Metal-Don "I'm not like you or these animals."

Metal-Don "I'm a monster."

Donnie (T) "You just need help! I can fix you!"

Metal-Don "No, Donatello. You can't."

Page 20

Donnie (T) "{Mmph} M-Metal-D-Don..."

Donnie (T) "...D-Don't do t-this."

Metal-Don "I have to. But first..."

Metal-Don "...I'm going to need my body back."

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