The Original Party Robot

Vital Robotistics

Weapons: Radical Robo-chuks, Portable Party Pack, Radar/Foot Blaster and Utility Belt
Birthplace: Krang's Technodrome
Height: 6'
Weight: 1/4 Ton
Eyes: Weirdly Glowing Red
Personality Programs: 4
Favortie Food: Computer Chip Cookies

Designed as Krang's ultimate weapon against the Turtles, Metalhead was re-programmed by Donatello to serve the side of good. The chrome-plated sewer servant's eyes light up when you hold him up to the light. Always the life of the party, Metalhead can whip up a whipped cream and jelly bean pizza, serve sodas, display video games or rock the sewer with tunes from his jazzed-up juke box. When trouble's brewing, Metalhead becomes one annoyed android and dishes out trouble with his Robo-chuks and Foot Blaster to all who dare mess with his Turtle masters.


  • The straps on the Portable Party Pack are made of a very thin plastic and are prone to breaking.


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