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Metal Ninja


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Herald of The Shredder

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The Metal Mystic was one of the five Foot Mystics who are loyal to the Tengu Shredder also known as the one true Shredder.


2003 Series

The Metal Mystic was one of five elemental entities who served the Demon Tengu Shredder who caused chaos and war across feudal Japan. The other Mystics were known as the Water, Fire, Earth and Wind Mystics.

After the Demon Shredder was defeated by the Ninja Tribunal and locked away in a special built coffin. The Metal Mystic and his brothers were later put under control by an amulet known as the Heart of Tengu, the amulet was later stolen by Ch'rell an evil Utrom alien criminal who stole the name of the Shredder to take control of the Foot Clan and take over Japan.

The Metal Mystic along with his brothers hated serving the Utrom Shredder but because of the heart of Tengu he and his Mystic brothers were forced to serve him, not only did the amulet force them to serve Ch'rell it held back there true power and they were locked in primitive armor which helped limit their power. Although they despised Ch'rell for taking their original Master's identity, Ch'rell had respect for their power. Unlike his adopted daughter Karai who later took over the Foot Clan after the Ninja Turtles defeated her father and the Utroms exiled Ch'rell to an ice asteroid, faraway in space.

Karai tells them that as long as she had the Heart of Tengu, their powers were her to command. But it did not take long after their mistreatment at the hands of Karai that they became more determined to free themselves and after tricking Agent Bishop, and the TMNT by proxy, into stealing the artifact, the Mystics themselves allowed the TMNT to pass into the new Foot Tower. The Mystics broke free of Kara's grip when Baxter Stockman destroyed the artifact and they began to attempt to resurrect the true Demon Shredder. When freed the Mystics were able to revert back to their true forms and were shown to be far more powerful then previously shown. They then return to Japan, defeat the Ninja Tribunal and resurrect the one true Shredder, despite their fanatical devotion to the Demon Shredder, they were still abused by him for so much as saying anything he felt was out of line. The Metal Mystic was eventually killed in "Enter the Dragons, Part 1" by Karai.

Fast Forward

In the Fast Forward episode "The Journal", the Metal Mystic appears before Raphael and Casey Jones following their fight with the Purple Dragons and teleports them to a deserted island for three years in one of the pages of Casey on April O'Neil's journal that the Turtles were reading, despite Splinter and Cody Jones's warnings not to read it. However, this particular event was a complete fabrication by Master Splinter and Cody in order to teach the Turtles a lesson. Though Splinter did find his and Cody's addition of the Foot Mystic to be humorous

Powers and abilities

The Metal Mystic was one of five elemental entities who each controls a classic element: Metal, Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind. He along with his mystic brothers could use their physical environments to attack and defend themselves. The Metal Mystic controls metal, meaning he can form blades that can stab or tear enemies asunder. He can also create liquid metal and metallic dust. Metal orbs can be fired from his staff and ricochet around, but he can also summon a giant orb to crush his foes from overhead. He also has the ability to regenerate body parts or shape his own body.