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  • Over the past couple of days, two users have been arguing on a blog entry I posted over a week ago. One of them was complaining about a character I mentioned in my entry an the other has been countering their comments. Yesterday, I gave both of them a warning, stating I will take action if they kept this up. The second user seems to have heeded it, but the first still isn't letting it go. Could you talk to her about it? Her name is Raph4ever and, I will warn you in advance, some of her comments have been written in German. If you think it's for the best, I will disable the comments to stop this from going on.

    Please reply as soon as you can.

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    • Now that Sugilita has stopped replying, Raph4ever will probably stop posting too. Let's see what happens. I'm sorry for your negative experience here. I'd like to avoid giving Raph4ever a more negative experience here by saying "I'm the admin, stop that or I'll ban you." If she posts again, I'll say something.

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