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  • nw the pictures is okay?

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    • this pictures is ok?

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    • One of the admins deleted those, so you will have to talk to them about why

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • hey

    in this site alittle guys tell me a joke n very bad words to me

    and i dnt like that

    one day i posted for epiosde slash and destroy

    posted i love raph n 1 guy replied for me

    can u love him but im his

    and i get very angry bc i dnt like joke of pepole i dnt knw whom

    and i said to him i hate u bc of that joke

    and his too said bad words to me

    and 1 guy is too

    and until he talk with them about me

    i dnt like that

    plz talk with them

    creck55 and sugilita

    thanks alot

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    • I see you are banned on this wiki.  It would be best if you tried again elsewhere.  

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • hi. I love tmnt so much that i have all of the weapons in the turtles lair!

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  • sup bro

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