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  • Always good to see you working on things again! Wonder if it's coincedence or kismet that you started around the same time I started using some of the files you sent me again :)

    I've got a request; I saw that you uploaded some images of some Japanese manuals. Would any that you have access to happen to have an enemies section? I've been trying to get my hands on some Japanese TMNT game manuals, or at least scans, for that reason and haven't been able to get any. I have just the Japanese Tournament Fighters (Genesis of course) physically and haven't been able to find the manuals for sale individually anywhere.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Hey there Oldmanwinters! My name is Jamie and I work over on the Community Development team. We've been talking to Nickelodeon about the potential to work with the TMNT comminutes in various capacities, where they might provide different assets and other feedback requests.

    They also wanted to know a bit about who runs these communities. So you know, whatever information you wanted to provide is strictly voluntary and confidential. Nothing will be done with this info other than giving Nick a bit of context about the folks running these communities. They'd like to know things like, your age, gender, other passions, do you have kids, are you married, and what you do for a living. I know you have a bit of info up there on your public profile, so thank you for that!

    Also, I won't connect this info with the user, so it's completely anonymous. Anyway, thanks for reading!

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    • Hello, Jamie, and nice to meet you.

      My name is Adam, and I was invited to be an editor for this Wiki by the site's main administrator back around 2010.  I confess that I haven't made many posts (as I'm hesitant about breaking format in Wiki), but I am a long-time fan of TMNT and hobbiest of TMNT publication history. My collection focus is international TMNT publications, especially the United Kingdom, Japan, China, Spain, and more recently Italy.  Some select scans can be viewed on my Flickr page, although I own far more material:

      I have shared much the information on foreign TMNT publications, with other fansites which offer critical reviews and indexes for greater public awareness, such as The Technodrome Forums and TMNT Entity:

      I am an amateur fan artist, who irregularly uploads work to Deviantart or other online art communities.

      Another area of TMNT fandom in which I've been heavily involved is open-source video game-related communities, such as OpenBOR, Mugen, and Freedom Reborn.

      Personally and professionally, I am a 35-year-old single male living in Louisville, Kentucky who works as a full-time archivist in higher education.

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    • Terrific! Thank you so much Adam. Nice to learn more about you here :)

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