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  • Hey, dude (or whatever gender u are (I'd call u a girl or a dude but your too much of a bitch to reveal you're gender)), you seriously need to lay off with the insults that you preach to everyone in that giberish you always speak to others. And stop having a go at people for fuck sake. Why don't you look at the rules here just in case you never checked before you got kicked out by Mr Dire cause you were taking the mic out of him, leave the dude alone will ya? And if you don't do all of this, then while your on Broken Sword Wikia, you can go shove a broken sword up your ass. And goodbye (hopefully) forever.  - StarWizardWars

    It's over, Khing (whoever or whatever you are). Every wiki including the legendary Villains Wiki you been desecrated & disrespected has had enough of you for the last time with all your constant gibberish, immediate & senseless shouting which became the worst signature callin' call you have ever made, your failure to respond to everybody & their messages & warnings, & your absolute lack of research & respect. The so-called pages of yours here on the Villains Wiki with shorter sentences & your terrible signature shoutin' are being forever being hereby condemned & erased forever while the other pages you think you created but with out your "calling card" has been remodeled & improved completely. All of us have tried to warn you & enough given you chances btu you wouldn't listen & you brought all this upon yourself. This message goes to all normal & real users that are nothing like so-called people like you. It's over, now goodbye & go away forever! - Best regards B1bl1kal Don't cha judge me!

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