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  • Your little outburst on the "The Evil Of Lord Dregg" thread was absolutely Unacceptable, telling others to shut up is mad rude and disrespectful. How would you like it if you were told the exact same thing? people have different opinions and wish to share them, whether it's criticism or not. No TV Show is without is flaws I love the new show but I still problems with it and yes those problems comes from the writing, here on this wiki we do what we can to be civil and mature even in our disagreements. Writing in all caps telling people to shut up is neither.

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    • Sorry I said to you shut up, but it's just really annoying.

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    • Apology accepted.

      But I hope you realize that that kind of criticism of TV shows is allowed here, right? And Yoshimickster was right—it's all part of being in a fandom. Differences of opinion are always going to happen, and we need to learn to live with them. Honestly, that debate he and I were having was actually very friendly. We know that disagreements are not the end of the discussion, let alone the end of the world.

      You're allowed to feel annoyed. But if that feeling becomes too much for you to handle, then like I said: Take a deep breath, count to ten, and make sure you're calm before deciding what to do next. You may not attack other users. However, you can share your opinions calmly and civilly. And if it's all still too much for you, you can take breaks.

      We don't want this to be such a distressing experience for you. And it's not like any of us don't feel really annoyed by something TMNT has put out over the last 32 years. But if you learn how to deal with that annoyance, you can learn greater patience and tolerance, and you'll be ready for the kinds of fan discussions and differences of opinion that have been part of the TMNT fandom for decades.

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  • Hi, welcome to TMNTPedia! Thank you, Adish2004, for your edit to the Pizza Face (episode) page.

    Please leave me a message with one of the Featured Users if you need any extra help!


    [[:Trigger009 (talk) 17:58, August 2, 2015 (UTC)]]

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