The Supreme Slippery Ninja Neptune!

Vital Seatistics

Accessories: Ninja Starfish, Sawfish Sword, O2 Blaster, Rip Tide Trident
Favorite Body of Water: Turtle Bay
Longest Time Underwater: 44 days, 6 hours, 32 seconds
Weight: 350 lbs. Without Scales

One of the secrets of the sea is Merdude - King of the ocean blue and controller of the Earth's vast waterways. He's the radical wet ruler who rules the ocean floor with his mighty rip tide trident - one jolt and it's belly up! All the fish folk follow his lead and help him fight evil under the waves. But don't be fooled by his fishy appearance. He is the master of the ninja starfish and sawfish sword. And if you ever get caught in the crossfire of his O2 blaster - don't bother holding your breath. Merdude may be cold and clammy but he's also way cool, and ever since Shredder tried to drain the oceans, he and the Turtles have been best of buddies.


Merdude has the ability to float when placed in water.

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