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Mentawave or Menta-Wave is a recurring technology in the Mirage TMNT continuity, originally invented by Professor Honeycutt. The technology enables people without psychic powers to gain psychic abilities.

In Fugitoid, Honeycutt's use of the technology accidentally caused the transfer of his mind from his human body to the body of Sal, his robot assistant. With the death of his human body, Honeycutt remained in a robot body thereafter.

After the technology spread, it also became apparent that, at least among Utroms, Mentawave can also be very pleasurable and addictive to the detriment of personal health, similar to opium in humans. This led to the regulation and control of Mentawave technology in Utrom society, though illegal Mentawave dens would continue to operate with Utrom clientele.

Professor Obligado became addicted to Mentawave during his later life in New York City. In The Grape, Obligado was attached to one of these psychic-enabling devices in an illegal Mentawave den, where he foresaw the moment of his own death, only moments before he would actually die.

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