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Memories of the Future is issue #1 of Eastman and Laird's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles volume 2, published in December 1993 by Mirage Studios. It is the first issue of the main series, outside of the Guest Era, originally published in full color.

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Splinter's bleeding, lifeless body lies slumped against a wall. A turtle's backside and bloody hand can be seen in the foreground.

Splinter wakes up to Donatello serving him his morning tea. Splinter tells him that they need to go to the torri (sic), as he had a vision in a dream and requires further enlightenment in order to ascertain what it means.

Donatello joins his father in meditation, and sees himself in the future, walking through a village with Mount Fuji in the distance. When he comes to, he tells Splinter about it. Splinter identifies it as Chihaya, his birthplace. Donatello asks why he would go there, and Splinter hesitates for a moment before answering.

" bury me."

Casey naps on the couch and is awoken by a massive, top-heavy dark reflection of himself scarfing on pizza. He tells Casey that he is the who took Gabrielle and he threatens to take Shadow next. Casey wakes up for real this time, and goes to ensure his daughter is okay.

Casey tells April about having a bad dream, and April describes her own: being chased through the Sewers by Mousers and "saved" by Baxter Stockman. However, Stockman had a bunch of tubes and wires all over his face and he had an evil smirk....

Blaming the previous night's pizza, April tells Casey to throw it out.

Meanwhile, Raphael walks through the sewer and hears someone. He runs to find who it is, only to find a rat climbing across a rope. He snaps the rope to throw it off, and he watches it fall, only to look up and realize that the rope is now the tail of a giant monster rat. The rat knocks Raph through a wall, where his unconscious body now lays in front of Leo, strapped to a table. A Triceraton picks Raph up and straps him to a table, too, and another alien places a helmet on him. The other alien then begins to inject Leo with something.

The credits roll, signifying that the previous "film" has been "A Michaelangelo Production". Mike turns off the TV.


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