Megan Hollingshead (born September 22, 1968 in New York City; 52 years old) is the American voice actress for Sydney, the human counterpart of Quarry, Abigail Finn, and Moriah, who appeared in the episode The People's Choice, in the 2003 animated series. She is most famous for voicing Nurse Joy in the Pokémon anime until she moved to Los Angeles.


Best known for her anime dubbing work, Megan's most famous roles include Nurse Joy in the Pokémon anime series (Along with Cassidy from Team Rocket), and Mai Valentine (Mai Kujaku in the English manga and original Japanese versions) in Yu-Gi-Oh! (Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters in the original Japanese). She also lent her voice to the Enix RPG Valkyrie Profile as the character Lenneth Valkyrie, and reprised that role for Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria and Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume. Hollingshead is the only voice actress from the original game to return for both sequels. She can currently be heard as Hilda on Eureka Seven, Re-I Mayer from Ergo Proxy, Rangiku Matsumoto from Bleach, and Shizune on Naruto. Megan's theatre résumé is as extensive, if not more so, with roles in performances of The Duchess of Malfi, Baptizing Adam, Spacegrrrls, and Vinegar Tom, to name but a few.

Hollingshead studied acting at the William Esper Studio, and is a founding member of the Adirondack Theatre Festival. She serves as a yoga instructor in her spare time. Megan Hollingshead left 4Kids Entertainment during the start of Pokémon's seventh season.

She has also been credited under the names Karen Thompson and Kelli Kassidi.

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