Meet Casey Jones is the fourth issue of the Dreamwave comics. It was published in September 2003.

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Casey Jones sits in his apartment pumping iron and listening to his neighbor berate his kid. Casey thinks back to his own father, when a young Casey worries about the stranglehold the Purple Dragons had on his family. An irate Mr. Jones shouts at Casey and talks down about his mother because of her "crying" about the subject, then nearly decks his son in an apparent lesson on "courage". Despite having just taken out a window himself with his fist, the elder Jones is suddenly alerted by the breaking of another window - the Purple Dragons roughing up his store.

Back in the present, Casey vows to eliminate the Purple Dragon before remembering that he couldn't do it when it counted - when Jones Hardware, his father's business, was decimated by Hun and the other Dragons and the young Jones was beaten by Hun.

In the present again, Casey comes across a trio of Purple Dragons accosting a young woman in an alley. Casey brutally beats the Dragons but is stopped from going too far by a three-fingered, green hand. Raphael tells Casey that they've been stopped but now he should take it easy. The frightened Dragons escape, angering Casey, who strikes Raphael before running after them.

Again Casey's memory drifts back to the day when Jones Hardware was demolished. Casey insists on continuing to fight despite being very much not able to hold his own against any of these adult Dragons. Casey hits Hun with a broken bottle, causing Hun to sic his men on the child. Casey remembers as he chases after the Dragons in the present, that he was told he suffered brain damage from the attack, before he and his mother god booted from the emergency room for not having insurance. He never saw his father again, reasoning that he was dead since despite his issues, he'd never leave them. Casey's mother said she went to go find him and never returned either, causing Casey to reason she was also dead.

Raph intervenes in Casey's attack again, stopping him once more from going too far with the Dragons. After beating Raph in a lengthy brawl, Casey heads back home in time to hear his neighbor threatening his son again. He busts in and realizes that the neighbor's wife is the woman who he saved in the alley earlier - who calls him a "lunatic". Despite the way he'd treated his family, the wife and son still defend him, with the son screaming for his daddy to not be hurt.

Casey leaves, and returns home, hearing the family in the next flat over likely reporting Casey's intrusion to the police. The son calls his father a hero, and Casey muses that he's no hero, his father, was, though, and he insists that his parents will both return some day and they can be a family again. Until then, he must prove himself a good son and take on the punks, Purple Dragons, and "green frog guys" pay.


  • On the first panel Ralph, the neighbor, is introduced, he is bald, but he has hair in every subsequent panel.

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