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Complete Carnage
Biographical information

Resistance to physical and energy blows
Malleable body structure
Texture absorption



Physical description

Human mutate




6' 8"


340 lbs.

Out of universe information



Palladium Books

First appearance

Transdimensional Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teachers and Students
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A bright lad by nature, Max Wilsocchi still yearned to play the role of the dumb, mean jock for some reason. He downplayed his intelligence to a degree to where none were the wiser, and he became obsessed with playing sports.

As an unemployed football player with a construction job, he took odd jobs in an illegal gambling ring to make ends meet. At this time, he was transformed into the being which became known as Complete Carnage. Wisocchi looks positively demonic, now, and has a super tough body and the strength to go with it, as well as malleable body structure and the ability to absorb textures.

Following his transformation, he decided that since he looked the part, he'd play the villain all the way. Before his change, he'd had minor run-ins with the law, but essentially had a clean record. Now, as Complete Carnage (his identity as Max is unknown to all), he's wanted for much, much more. His powers have kept him from being captured and convicted, however.

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