Martin Milton
Biographical information

New York City


Sir Malachi
The Sparrow Wizard
Sir Nerdachi (by Raphael)


Illusion Casting

Weapon(s) of choice

Magic Wand


Ninja Turtles

Physical description

Mutant Sparrow



Hair color

Black, Light Brown and White Feathers

Eye color


Out of universe information

2012 TV series

First appearance

Mazes & Mutants

Voiced by

Paul Reubens

Teachers and Students

Martin Milton, a.k.a. "Sir Malachi, the sparrow wizard," is a mutant sparrow that appeared in the second season of the 2012 TV series.


Matin milton 1

Before his mutation

Martin Milton used to be obsessed with the role-playing game known as Mazes & Mutants, and played it for every hour of every day. All that changed the day he was feeding the birds on his roof and a mutagen canister fell from the sky right on Martin, turning him into an anthropomorphic sparrow. He now answers to the name of "Sir Malachi, the sparrow wizard", wears medieval-style hood, tunic, cape and carries a wand with an egg-shaped decoration on top. Martin doesn't have his left leg and his new peg leg is actually a branch, which still have some leaves on it.


In Mazes & Mutants he trapped the turtles in an illusion of a maze, so he could play the M&M with them. At the end he told the turtles about his true identity and revealed that he wasn't a bad guy, just lonely. The turtles forgave him and he said goodbye to his new friends before leaving.


  • The creators have revealed that Malachi's character was inspired by the role-playing games that they all enjoy and they very much wanted a "wizard" character in the TMNT franchise.
  • According to the concept art shown in the Comic-Con 2013 at least one of Sir Malachi's slices of bread has a face on it.
  • Even as a human he was missing a leg and had a prosthesis to replace it. 
  • He's one of the few mutants to take his mutation completely in stride, and in fact enjoy it over his original form.


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