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Marion Richards
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2003 TV series

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Hazel Morgan

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Dr. Marion Richards was the creator of the Nanobots in the 2003 TV Series, first appearing in the episode Nano. She observed the tendency of the nanobots to personify, which she considered a defect in their programming. Displeased when it happened again, she shocked the nanobots. She intended to update the bots, but they reassembled a body with a drill and escaped.

In Modern Love - The Return of Nano, Nano went back to the lab where he was created, kidnapped Dr. Richards and built a house in the lab. This reflected his desire to have a "family" with her as his mother, along with his "father" Harry the Pickpocket. But when his "parents" began arguing, Nano was angered, due to his desire to have a happy family life. Dr. Richards escaped unharmed when Nano was defeated by Donatello and April O'Neil.


  • Her name is erroneously given as "Dr. Richardson" on one piece of production art.
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