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Walking Stick

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Anthropomorphic Mammoth God



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Kevin Eastman

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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Manmoth is a character in the IDW continuity. He is a member of the Pantheon, the "savage hunter" and "survivalist extraordinaire." He resembles a large bipedal mammoth, and travels outdoors most of the time.

He apparently does not bathe, preferring "nature's musk" because it does not interfere with his hunting. He also is not particularly choosy about what he eats; after shooting one of the Rat King's rats, he immediately devours it.

He visited the Den of Delights in the Pantheon Family Reunion, in order to speak to his siblings and enjoy a hearty meal. However, the proceedings were interrupted when it was discovered that the Turtles had infiltrated the Den and had been spying on the immortal family. Manmoth used his immense strength to try to kill them, but was unsuccessful as they teleported out.

In Kingdom of Rats, Manmoth is revisited by the Turtles in Siberia, and becomes friends with Michelangelo.


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