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A manhole cover is a removable lid or grate covering an access point for entering an underground vault or pipe, such as those belonging to a storm drain or a sewer. They have served as noticeable props in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise for its entire history, as the Turtles often have to lift a manhole cover to enter or exit the sewers of New York City containing their lair. Owing to their significant weight and the hard materials used in their construction, manhole covers have also been used as improvised bludgeoning weapons.


1987 video games

Some Foot Soldiers jump up from the sewers onto the streets, and throw manhole covers at the Turtles. The Turtles are capable of using their weapons to hit the manhole covers, causing them to reserve and knock the Foot Soldier.


In The Cure for You, part 2, when the gun store clerks Barry and Billy start paranoidly firing their automatic weapons on the surrounding streets in Mutant Town, Jennika is forced to act to prevent them from killing pedestrians. Jenny grabs a manhole cover and hurls it at Barry, knocking him out.

2012 TV series

The Shellraiser is equipped with a stock of spare manhole covers, which the vehicle can fire as projectile weapons, as notably seen in the episode Cockroach Terminator.

Donatello's robot Metalhead has an artificial carapace fashioned out of a manhole cover.

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