Ray sl
Man Ray
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Field Commander


Null Mutagen Laboratory (formerly)
Mighty Mutanimals

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Mutant manta ray



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IDW Publishing

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TMNT: Mutanimals #2

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Paul Allor
Andy Kuhn

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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Man Ray, usually just called Ray, is a mutant manta ray who was first seen caged at Null Group's rail yard facility alongside Sally Pride in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutanimals issue 2. He was being trained to be the perfect mutant soldier, which involved fighting other mutants to the death. He was soon freed and became a member of Old Hob's Mutanimals along with Sally. With Ray on the team, Hob retreated to a more coordinative role and gave Ray command of actual missions. 

These increased responsibilities included helping Hob secretly hoard arms and working with Hun, without the knowledge of most of the other Mutanimals. Despite this, his relationship with the Turtles was cordial, as he was allowed into their Christmas party.

Along with the other Mutanimals, excepting Hob, he was captured by a Darkwater team on behalf of Agent Bishop. Ray engaged Bishop in discourse about the lack of ethics the agent was exhibiting, while also unlocking his restraints. After shooting barbs at two of the mercenaries nearby, he fought with Agent Bishop, but was stopped by Colonel Knight holding a gun to his head. In the meantime, Sally and Mondo Gecko had managed to escape. Ray was eventually freed after Hob took Knight's wife hostage.

He and Sally later undertook a mission in New Jersey to find a mysterious mutant sighted there. While they located the mutant Dreadmon, Ray was displeased when he discovered that he was human-born. They were attacked by a squad of wolf-mutant mercenaries who had come to capture Dreadmon, and Ray was temporarily captured by them. His opinion of Dreadmon softened afterwards, and he invited the mutant jackal to join the Mutanimals, but was refused.

After the battles with the Triceratons, Ray accompanied Hob through the wreckage of New York, acquiring alien technology.


Ray is highly intelligent and well-spoken, but was largely averse to taking risks until Hob and the Mutanimals rescued him from Null's captivity. Ray later became closer to Hob and came to share his and Herman's common desire to go to greater lengths to protect mutants, even if it would involve tactics Slash ethically disapproves of.

He also has feelings of antipathy towards human-born mutants, though not as strongly as Hob himself does. This was seen when he developed hostility towards the human-born mutant Dreadmon.


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