Ninja Turtles fighting the Malignoids in Maligna's hive.


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The Malignoids are an extraterrestrial species of insectoids in Archie Comics' Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures. All Malignoids depicted in the series are space faring criminals under their queen, Maligna, that steal and consume the resources of other worlds before moving onto another with Maligna's hive, a planetoid organic spaceship.

Biology and Appearance

All Malignoids are omnivorous and will eat a variety of food, they have the ability to make honey similar to bees. Malignoid honey paralyzes victims and Maligna used it to fatten her victims before eating them.

The basic Malignoid warriors are humanoid beetle-like insects. Their armored head resembles a Kabuto Samurai helmet. Their bodies are a natural with long spiked arms ending in powerful claws and ferocious mandibles for a mouth. Additionally Malignoid warriors usually use spears with mandible shaped blades for weapons.

Malignoid warriors start life out as a worm-like larvae which emerge from meteorites. These larvae have a voracious appetite and spend their time eating anything available from plant life, trees and dead larvae. Once they have eaten enough, the Larvae make a cocoon, after a brief period, the larvae emerge as fully grown Malignoid warriors.

Scul and Bean, the Malignoid generals have a similar physique but their hide is far more armored, allowing them to take much more punishment then warriors. For reasons unknown, Bean had a crater-like hole in his head that was able to fire "meteors" of explosive and poisonous gas.

Maligna, the queen had a far different physique as detailed on her profile.


All known Malignoids are Maligna's children, though Maligna has no emotional attachment to them to her children and is willing to sacrifice or even personally kill them should they outlive their usefulness, on one occasion pretending to kiss one of her children only to bite its head off instead.

The Malignoids have a hive mind, they constantly receive telepathic orders and in some cases are outright mentally controlled by Maligna, limiting their ability to act independently. Maligna's telepathy over them is reliant on her antennas and if both are broken, her control over them is over, something which terrified her enough to leave Earth in her first encounter with the Mutanimals and Kid Terra.

The malignoid generals Scul and Bean have more intelligence and independence then the Warrior caste, presumably due to their status. In addition to the ability to receive orders from Maligna, Scul and Bean could also telepathically communicate with each other.

Under Maligna, the Malignoids lived to consume worlds. They began this by sending meteorites filled to the brim with sacks of Malignoid larvae. Once hatched, Maligna's telepathy would guide the larvae to eat as many trees and other fauna as possible. After evolution into their warrior state, these Malignoids would soon overthrow and consume the native. After the planet was despoiled, with the lack of trees leading to the greenhouse effect, the Malignoids would move on to a new world.


The Malignoids attempted to take over Earth many times. This led them to getting into conflict with both the turtles and the Mighty Mutanimals.

All known Malignoids were destroyed when Slash crashed their hive ship into the Sun, killing him as well in the process.

Known Malignoids


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