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The Malaprop Diamond is a diamond appearing in the Rhino-Man episode of the 1987-1996 series. In the episode, J. Gordon Hungerdunger sponsors a superhero contest, in which the winner would receive the diamond. Krang also wants it, to focus a heat ray strong enough to break the Technodrome free from the Volcanic Asteroid.[1] Thus, he entered Rocksteady and Bebop into the competition.

Unfortunately for Krang, the Malaprop Diamond is not an actual diamond, but a glass beaker containing the antidote to Hungerdunger's brainwashing fluid. Donatello empties the antidote into a vase during a final battle with Shredder, and tosses the beaker to Shredder. The heat ray malfunctions and explodes due to the lack of a true diamond.


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